Savannah Guthrie on ‘TODAY’: Viewers Sound Off on Ann Curry’s Replacement

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TODAY show viewers tuned in Friday morning to find Savannah Guthrie “filling in” as co-host for Ann Curry.

Guthrie, 40, has often substituted for the former co-host. So, it would seem that Guthrie's appearance was just like any other day -- except it wasn't. On Thursday's show, Curry, 55, tearfully announced her departure. And Guthrie had already been considered the heir apparent to the gig.

So, with very little fanfare and no official announcement on the switch (until later in the day), Guthrie assumed her new post as TODAY's co-host and fans took to Twitter to sound off on the switch.

Here’s a sampling of what viewers are saying on Twitter:

@nitadee: “So Savannah Guthrie's in on The Today Show, eh? No shade, but I think that'll guarantee my household will rock on with its GMA/CBS splice.”

@JonathanCedano: “I think I need 2 give #gma a try. I can only deal with Savannah Guthrie’s total absence of upper lip for so long. I miss Ann #today”

@TomKolovosTKO: “NBC, in an almost surreal turn, behaves as if Curry’s tearful and abrupt departure on Thursday never happened.”

@BillAFlynn: “Gee, what a surprise and disappointment! Savannah Guthrie Named Co-Host of Today. Look for ratings to drop behind Good Morning America.

@mandala1017: “Savannah Guthrie is not Today co-anchor. She does not connect with the viewer. Is it too much to ask for another Katie Couric?

@JulieGMonti: “Ann Curry/Savannah Guthrie is Jane Pauley/Deborah Norville all over…maybe a younger, kinder version of Matt Lauer would increase ratings.”

@kerino: “I knew it! Congrats @SavannahGuthrie!!”

@lokay: “Seeing Savannah Guthrie w/ Matt Lauer on @todayshow is like dad showing up with his new girlfriend before the divorce papers were signed.”

@nataliebubb: “Seeing Lauer’s easy, natural rapport with Savannah Guthrie only makes his lack of ease with Ann Curry that much more apparent.”

@RachlBSexRiot: “Why exactly do people think Savannah Guthrie is better than Ann Curry? I really don’t get it.”

@jansdailydish: “I hated to see ann curry forced out, watched savannah Guthrie this morning, meh…”

@BoysofSummer15: “I wasn’t the only one to see this Savannah Guthrie promotion coming 6 months ago was I? She’s on their practically everyday anyway.”

@redleader57: “Well, that took hardly any time at all. Must’ve been a grueling search.”

Additional reporting by Catherine Greis.

Did NBC make the right decision? Sound off in the comments section below.



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  • Deidre

    I've tried to give Savanah Guthrie a chance - watching her just now with those adorable dancing twins as she went on and on and on..... the twins were ready and she ran her mouth until one got upset. Then had the nerve to complain about how children difficult to work with.... what an idiot! Get someone with people skills and put her back with legal issues or whatever it is that she's supposed to be good with.

  • Former Today Fan
    Former Today Fan

    Ann was an astounding interviewer, people felt they could tell her anything. I watched Savannah interview Alexis Stewart, it was by far the worst interview ever, making everyone uncomfortable if they had a remote they would have changed the channel as I did. Matt needs to get the stick out of his you know what... STOP allowing only 30 seconds for a 2 minute story quality vs quantity. Savannah Guthrie is someone's BIG mistake.

  • hootie

    Who cares if Ann has chemistry with Matt. I think his attitude is terrible, so smug. Ick! Ann is a real journalist and seems to have morals which apparently Matt lacks. I think Matt needs to be replaced.

  • Keen Observer
    Keen Observer

    In response to the ruthless, 48-year-old NBC News President Steven Capus, all Ann Curry viewers must concentrate their people power by switching solely to GMA to displace the Today Show in the ratings permanently. NBC needs to identify and fire the serial leaker and apologize to Ann Curry for the leaks. Accountability calls for heads to roll...Stephen B. Burke, CEO of NBCU/Comcast, Steven Capus, President of NBC News, and Jim Bell, Executive Producer of the Today Show. The buck stops with them!

  • Guest

    I knew when the change happen almost 1 year ago it was a mistake. Ann is sweet, kind and all, but she and Matt did not have chemistry. Savannah too -sweet, kind and all, but she and Matt & Al all had chemistry. NBC did everyone an injustice the way everything was handled from the very beginning. Of course,we don't know what was taking place behind closed doors, was Ann threatening a law suit if she was passed over due to her being of Asian decent? We don't know. I personally think Ann is a superb news reporter and interviewer when she has time to prepare. She is able to ask the questions and get them to open up and respond. But she and Matt did not have chemistry together on stage and it showed. However, NBC has changed the way Today is being formatted and it carries too much silly crap, uninteresting stories. The meat & potatoes of the good stories are barely there and when they interview someone it's hardly worth the person even showing up as they are only given seconds of screen time. NBC big wigs need to get out of the ivory tower and go visit normal American's who work or try to work for a living. They need to get out of all the meetings of why they aren't making money and listen to their viewers, their voters and listen to the little guy. You just may be surprised what you may learn and how much money you can save. Stop blaming your anchors for managements error's, look at the stories you are booking, the time the anchor's get to spend interviewing, the substance of the story. Perhaps your story is the same story we have seen the day before on another news channel. Your show and what it is showing is boring. It is fun to watch the banner back and forth between the anchor's and get laughs, but that is not everything that keeps your numbers up, it the substance of the show's.

  • Candiie LovesY'all Walker
    Candiie LovesY'all Walker

    Horrific. NBC has stooped lower than it ever has, and they've down some pretty shady things over the years. Ann was amazing, she's been there for 15 years and to see them force her out is despicable. They show no respect for an American tv icon after they fired her. Give me a break, NBC. I'm boycotting Today. Those ratings are gonna drop, I guarantee it, and GMA will be #1 from here on out.

  • Juan Adams
    Juan Adams

    they showed about as little class saying goodbye to ann as they showed saying 'welcome aboard' to savannah. the most thoughtless network on the planet is not where i am going to be starting my day. nbc, you suck!.

  • Jeanie

    Disgusting. Ann did not deserve this.