Savannah Guthrie on ‘TODAY’: Viewers Sound Off on Ann Curry’s Replacement

'Today' Promotes Savannah
Meet Ann Curry's replacement.
TODAY show viewers tuned in Friday morning to find Savannah Guthrie “filling in” as co-host for Ann Curry.

Guthrie, 40, has often substituted for the former co-host. So, it would seem that Guthrie’s appearance was just like any other day — except it wasn’t. On Thursday’s show, Curry, 55, tearfully announced her departure. And Guthrie had already been considered the heir apparent to the gig.

So, with very little fanfare and no official announcement on the switch (until later in the day), Guthrie assumed her new post as TODAY’s co-host and fans took to Twitter to sound off on the switch.

Here’s a sampling of what viewers are saying on Twitter:

@nitadee: “So Savannah Guthrie’s in on The Today Show, eh? No shade, but I think that’ll guarantee my household will rock on with its GMA/CBS splice.”

@JonathanCedano: “I think I need 2 give #gma a try. I can only deal with Savannah Guthrie’s total absence of upper lip for so long. I miss Ann #today”

@TomKolovosTKO: “NBC, in an almost surreal turn, behaves as if Curry’s tearful and abrupt departure on Thursday never happened.”

@BillAFlynn: “Gee, what a surprise and disappointment! Savannah Guthrie Named Co-Host of Today. Look for ratings to drop behind Good Morning America.

@mandala1017: “Savannah Guthrie is not Today co-anchor. She does not connect with the viewer. Is it too much to ask for another Katie Couric?

@JulieGMonti: “Ann Curry/Savannah Guthrie is Jane Pauley/Deborah Norville all over…maybe a younger, kinder version of Matt Lauer would increase ratings.”

@kerino: “I knew it! Congrats @SavannahGuthrie!!”

@lokay: “Seeing Savannah Guthrie w/ Matt Lauer on @todayshow is like dad showing up with his new girlfriend before the divorce papers were signed.”

@nataliebubb: “Seeing Lauer’s easy, natural rapport with Savannah Guthrie only makes his lack of ease with Ann Curry that much more apparent.”

@RachlBSexRiot: “Why exactly do people think Savannah Guthrie is better than Ann Curry? I really don’t get it.”

@jansdailydish: “I hated to see ann curry forced out, watched savannah Guthrie this morning, meh…”

@BoysofSummer15: “I wasn’t the only one to see this Savannah Guthrie promotion coming 6 months ago was I? She’s on their practically everyday anyway.”

@redleader57: “Well, that took hardly any time at all. Must’ve been a grueling search.”

Additional reporting by Catherine Greis.

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