Savannah Guthrie Takes Ann Curry’s Seat on ‘TODAY’

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Ann Curry's Exit
Get the scoop on Ann Curry's 'TODAY' departure.
Savannah Guthrie took over Ann Curry’s TODAY show chair on Friday, following the former co-host’s on-air announcement a day prior stating she would be leaving the NBC show after 15 years of service on program.

Guthrie, 40, began the show at the anchor table with Matt Lauer on her left and Al Roker next to him. This isn’t the TV personality’s first time hosting, Guthrie has anchored the third hour of TODAY, and has filled in for Curry in the past.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a formal announcement about Guthrie taking over for Curry is not expected, but she was officially offered the job last week.

Curry, 55, bid a tearful farewell to the show on Thursday, telling viewers, “This is not easy to say, but today is going to be my last morning as a regular co-host of TODAY.”

We will be seeing the whole TODAY show team together again for London’s 2012 Summer Olympics, with even Meredith Vieira, Curry’s TODAY predecessor, co-hosting the Opening Ceremonies with Lauer and Bob Costas. Curry will travel to London for the Games as well.

In case you missed Curry’s emotional farewell yesterday, watch it below: