Channing Tatum’s Former ‘The Vow’ Costar on ‘Magic Mike’: I Like To Perv From Afar (VIDEO)

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Magic Mike has gotten ladies everywhere dreaming of getting a chance to get up close and personal with its stars — with the exception of Channing Tatum’s former costar, Jess McNamee.

While McNamee, 27, loved working alongside the 32-year-old in The Vow, the Australian actress says she’s glad she wasn’t working with the hunky actor again in his new movie, based loosely on Tatum’s past as a male stripper.

“Maybe not so much,” she told Celebuzzwhen we asked her if she’d rather be in Magic Mike than The Vow. “I probably would have to get my gear off.”

However, McNamee has another good reason to sit in the sidelines.

“I have seen Magic Mike and I was happy enough to see it. I like to perv from afar,” she joked.

McNamee, who’s also good friends with Magic Mike’s Alex Pettyfer, 22, tells us that she can’t choose between the onscreen eye candy.

“I’m not making that decision,” she said of choosing between Tatum and Pettyfer as the hottest Magic Mike star. “I’m not going [there]. They are both great, they are both great dancers.”

Tatum’s new movie is expected to make a massive $42 million by the end of this weekend.

Watch the video above for more of McNamee dishing about working with Tatum.