‘Magic Mike’ Review: James Franco Praises ‘Talented’ Channing Tatum for Making Personal Film

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From one heartthrob to another.

Pineapple Express star James Franco recently praised Channing Tatum for baring both body and heart in Magic Mike, the film which was based loosely off of the 32-year-old actor’s past as a male stripper.

“The real underdog story is not about a stripper trying to get out of the game; it’s about a talented actor trying to take control of his career,” Franco, 34, wrote in his movie review for Huffington Post. “And he’s smart enough to know how to use his strengths in a film of his own creation with enough aplomb to go head to head with the studio fare of the summer.”

What else did Franco say about the sexy flick?

“We all love a film that shows the underdog rise to the top, but we like to criticize formulaic plots. This film, however, is above its plot, because it is not so much about how things add up for these characters as it is about how this movie does for Tatum,” Franco continued.

Magic Mike — which also stars Matthew McConaugheyJoe Manganiello, and Alex Pettyfer — revolves around the ups and downs of a group of male strippers working in Tampa, Fla. The film is directed by Oscar-winner Steven Soderbergh and co-produced by Tatum himself.

The film has already raked in $2 million in midnight ticket sales alone and is estimated to earn an overall $45 million this weekend.

Though Tatum’s titular character strips down next to nothing in the film, he proves that he’s not just an exotic dancer with dreams of starting a custom furniture business. By the end of the movie, Magic Mike even declares that he is “not his lifestyle.”

Praising Tatum for retelling his stripper past, Franco wrote, “I really don’t care if Magic Mike ends up making his wacky furniture. I just want Magic Channing Tatum to walk away a champion by making a personal film.”

Does Magic Mike get a thumbs up or thumbs down? Check out the trailer below then play movie critic in the comments.

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