'Real Housewives of Orange County' Star Alexis Bellino Bikinis in Las Vegas (PHOTOS)

bikini babe!
'Real Housewives of Orange County' Star Alexis Bellino Bikinis in Las Vegas

Someone's getting a hard start on their Fourth of July festivities.

Sporting an American flag bikini, Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino celebrated an early Independence Day at the Encore Beach Club in Lasy Vegas' Wynn resort this Friday.

Although the 35-year-old was seen flaunting her amazing beach body, Bellino recently told Celebuzz that she'd gladly trade it for a baby bump instead.

“I am begging [my husband] Jim for one more!” she said, when asked about plans for more kids. “It’s an on-going battle between us.”

In a recent episode of Real Housewives, Bellino opened up about her near-death experience giving birth to twin daughters Melania and Mackenna, in which she had a pulmonary embolism.

Despite the incident, Bellino admitted that adding to the clan is fresh on her mind.

"You’d better believe, if I do not get one more baby I will be adopting a teacup chihuahua!" Bellino said with a laugh.

Still, the mom-of-three said she is “extremely blessed” with her “little munchkins,” adding: “I’m happy either way!”

Aside from her twin girls, Bellino is also proud mom to a son named James.

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  • H. Burgardt
    H. Burgardt

    She is all about "show" and has an attitude! The boobs are not real for sure. Get a grip and spend time with your kids instead of kissing your little girl and not touching her lips so your lipstick doesn't smear... really phoney

  • viewer

    She could give any porn star a run for their money but a devote Christian Mom - yeah, right!

  • JMH

    Fake fake fake! Ick ick ick...

  • zip

    department* i mean lol.

  • Davi

    what the hell is a "depaturement" ???

  • UPB

    Jesus approves of that outfit.

  • twade

    Does she even know what the word couture means?

  • mooncakeface

    Alexis is gorgeous and those who say she isn't are just envious. 99% of the women in world would love to have her body and looks....the other 1% won't admit it.

  • zip

    i like big boobs like that though..

  • nancy

    Her boobs are too big an unnatural. Plastic surgery looks best when people can't tell if you had something done or not. You should not be able to tell that her boobs have implants and hers look like she is about to float away.

  • zip

    her implants are amazing actually, i know shes had work on her face thats why im saying shes only an ok in the facial depaturement.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously hideous implants on her chest and she's had a lot of work done on her face if you bothered to watch Real Housewives.

  • zip

    ARE YOU CRAZY?! she is 35 and has a body of a goddess, her boobs are just omg<3 how is she phony looking? she is not overly attractive but she goes ok in the face depaturement. also, her hair is hot and her legs are.. well.. YUM!

  • just saying.....
    just saying.....

    She does NOT have a nice figure. So phony looking to the point of looking ridiculous.