Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce Sparks Twitter Explosion of Comedian Jokes (PHOTOS)

they said what?!
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce: What The Comedians Are Saying
7 Developments So Far
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Celebuzz breaks down the 411 on Tom and Katie's shocking split. Read More »

Though many in the media have been analyzing how Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will split their $275 million fortune after ending their five-and-a-half years marriage, Hollywood comedians made light of the divorce by cracking a few jokes instead.

From Conan O'Brien's writer Scott Chernoff to famous songwriting parodist Weird Al Yankovic, many of Hollywood's jokesters let it all out and laid a quick one on the recently-separated Cruise, 49, and Holmes, 33.

What were some of the things that comics were tweeting out on Friday?

Many quipped that the cause of blame was Cruise's performance in Rock of Ages and its lackluster $14 million debut at the box office on opening weekend.

Meanwhile, some made cracks at Cruise's history of divorces, who split from former Days of Thunder costar Nicole Kidman in 2001 and The X Files actress Mimi Rogers in 1990.

The Howard Stern Show regular Eli Braden wrote:

Do you think some of these are hitting below the belt for the couple, or is this all in innocent fun? Click through the gallery to see what the comedians have been saying then sound off in the comments.

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