BET Awards 2012: Beyonce and Jay-Z Have Double Date Night with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (PHOTOS)

Star power overload!

Though this year's BET Awards was jammed pack with celebs, all eyes fell to music icons Beyonce and Jay-Z when they arrived at Los Angeles' Shine Auditorium to take their seats next to Jay's Watch the Throne collaborator, Kanye West, and his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.

Jay, 42, and Kanye, 35, undoubtedly buddied up when they took home the award for Best Group, but how did their dates get along during the show?

Quite swimmingly.

Beyonce, 30, warmly greeted Kardashian, 31, with a kiss on the cheek once she arrived inside the theater.

However, this wasn't the first time the ladies had recently crossed paths.

In June, the "Crazy In Love" singer and the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star were spotted together in the crowd during a Watch the Throne concert.

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  • La Shone Therma Kelly
    La Shone Therma Kelly

    and her sister Solange

  • ILoveBey

    Is it me or is there tention between these four????? Kim looks uncomfortable, Beyonce looks suspicious, Jay looks like he's trying to have his cake and eat it too and Kanye looks as if he doesn't give a f#@$ whats going on!!

  • paul

    very nice

  • hannah


  • frannypooh

    that's a nice dress love it

  • frannypooh

    Beyonce has a beautiful Smile...

  • frannypooh

    really nice :)

  • frannypooh

    that's really a nice pic of yall

  • rhonda

    how amazing i've always wanted to meet both of these celebs...

  • rhonda


  • johnsonkristi34

    I am so happy to see this pic b/c rumors or haters said Beyonce wouldn't be seen with beautiful Kim, I love both of them and so happy to prove haters wrong...just don't get it, it your hating then you are watching and are really not a hater. Trust me I will have nothing to do with those I don't like, but someone I don't know may not interest me, but how could I hate someone I never met~uh mentality of people in this world, guess I will never get "the haters", much love to Kim & Beyonce and their loves:) xxoo

  • BB

    I have never been a KK fan, but she is just too "shee-shee-foo-foo" for this bunch! Totally out of place to say the least. Go home KK! Daddy Jenner will hook you up with a nice boy!

  • Emma Guinn Sturghill
    Emma Guinn Sturghill

    Kim K looks out-of-place...which she is... She can't take BET awards like she takes New York...Most people of color do not recognize her a celebrity...

  • Lollipop

    I am in love with the photo itself.

  • ...


  • ...

    Can't believe this.. Beyonce and jay-z with KIM?!?!?!

  • ashley

    MYYYY what large noses they have! geeze laweeze

  • ashley

    kimmie kakes looks soooooo uncomfortable! she just doesn't fit in, the body language speaks volumes!

  • richellerichie

    All Beautiful People !!! I love Kim and Beyonce's dresses Xoxo

  • Monell22

    They all look lovely in this photo

  • Selma

    So gorgeous!

  • Rafael Centenera
    Rafael Centenera

    (^_^) //

  • Rafael Centenera
  • Rafael Centenera
  • Rafael Centenera
  • nerkennemkris

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  • david

    Beyonce and Kim look beautiful, everyone looks happy

  • Kadashianlover321

    Beyonce is such a natural beauty!