Chris Brown Disses Drake For Starting Bar Brawl In New Rap (AUDIO)

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Chris Brown's bar brawl drama continues as the rapper recently dissed rival Drake in a new rap.

Brown, 23, has released a verse for Chief Keef's "I Don't Like" in which he slams the 25-year-old "Take Care" rapper for their fight at W.i.P. nightclub.

"They throwin' bottles, I'm throwin' models -- just because I give a b-tch long pipe," Brown raps in a verse.

Aside from referencing the scuffle, which left several partygoers including himself injured, Brown also insults Drake's appearance and music.

"Them eyebrows? Man, that sh-t's yikes," Brown says in the song. "OVO you overdose. YOLO? No, I live twice!"

YOLO stands for "you only live once" -- a phrase which was popularized by Drake's 2011 track, "The Motto."

Brown also freestyles, "One on one, what you scared bruh?/ Huh, matter of fact, take care bruh" -- a reference to Drake's most recent album, "Take Care."

Brown was more kind to Drake's inner circle of friends. In one verse, he complimented Drake's labelmate Nicki Minaj, rapping, "My n---a Tunechi, yeah that n---a nice. Shoutout to Nicki, man that ass tight."

However, the Starships songstress has not been so forgiving about the incident. In a recent interview with Tim Westwood TV, Minaj, 29, sided with Drake.

"He did nothing wrong, of course," she said of Drake's involvement in the brawl.  "Rumors are rumors, but I told him to remember who you are."

The two rappers' infamous altercation inside the New York City hangout is still currently under police investigation.

As Celebuzz previously reported, W.i.P. has been shut down for the time being and bystander NBA star Tony Parker is suing the club for injuries he sustained that night.

What do you think of this bar brawl? Are you Team Breezy or Team Drake? Take a listen to Brown's new diss rap below then sound off in the comments.
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    That shit is so old just let it fucking die,YMCB TEAMBREEZY.

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    Liveurlife Thisyear

    #TeamBreezy!!! Drake iz just a hater and so he hates Cause itz Breezy's name that's FOREVER Tattooed on Rihanna's Cakes!!!