Dominic Cooper On Initially Passing ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ Role: I’m An Idiot (EXCLUSIVE)

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Dominic Cooper may be raving about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter now, but he wasn’t so keen on his new movie when he first read the script.

The 34-year-old actor confesses to Celebuzz that he nearly missed out on the role of Henry Sturgess, Abraham Lincoln’s (Benjamin Walker) vampire-hunting mentor, because he thought the concept was far too ridiculous.

“I’m pathetic in that I didn’t realize the comedy of it,” he told us. “I missed it immediately. I’m really disappointed in myself having done that.”

What made Cooper change his mind?

“I mentioned it to someone at work and they said, ‘Oh no, that’s a really great book,'” he recalled. “At that point, I scrambled back and read the script, and thought what an idiot I was.”

“Your immediate reaction is so dependent on your frame of mind. I was probably in a particularly bad mood that day,” he added.

In vein of his Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter confession, Cooper also reveals to Celebuzz his embarrassing debut an actor: a condom commercial.

“It was pretty much one of my first jobs,” he told us, laughing. “It was a really creative director at the time. I was chased down the street by people dressed in ridiculous outfits as huge sperm.”

Since then, the hunky Brit has appeared in multiple blockbusters including Mamma Mia — where he met ex-girlfriend Amanda Seyfried — and Captain America.

“It was incredible,” he says of working with the First Avenger himself, Chris Evans, in Captain America. “I never dreamed I’d be involved with anything like that. It’s a very different way of working. It’s great to be part of something that gives people so much pleasure.”

As for his recent flick Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Cooper says the notion of vampires isn’t as farfetched as he initially made it out to be.

He reasons, “Look, it was in the news that someone has just eaten someone’s face off, so it’s not that far removed from our reality.”

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is now out in theaters. Check out the flick’s trailer below.

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