Jessica Simpson's Massive Post-Baby Cleavage Is a Pregnancy 'Silver Lining', Says Celebrity Fitness Expert

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Jessica Simpson created a Twitter frenzy when she recently posted a photo of her post-baby bod -- complete with va va voom cleavage.

And that extra oomph is completely normal -- and healthy -- for someone who's recently given birth, according to celebrity nutrition and fitness expert J.J. Virgin.

"The first place you gain weight is in your breasts as they swell with the surge of progesterone," Virgin tells Celebuzz. "It is one of the true silver linings for most women during pregnancy."

"If women are breastfeeding, their breasts will swell after giving birth and will vary in size depending on if they are getting ready to breastfeed or if they've just finished."

Simpson received plenty of backlash for her pregnancy weight gain -- but how does Virgin feel about the 31-year-old's body transformation?

"This is not a time to throw caution to the wind and eat whatever you want when the urge hits," Virgin said. "You are not eating for two -- you are eating for one and a quarter, at most."

She added:
"During pregnancy, you should make your calories count and eat clean, lean protein, high-quality fats and a rainbow of veggies and fruit.  Ideally, you start your pregnancy in shape, and then you can maintain that during pregnancy. Depending on your state of health and which trimester you are in, you can basically do exercise at about 70% of the intensity you would do when you are not pregnant. And high-impact types of activities, especially after the first trimester, aren't recommended, as they put too much stress on your joints."
After giving birth to daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson in early May, Simpson signed with Weight Watchers as its new spokesperson and has since been spotted hitting a private gym in Los Angeles.

Virgin has some more workout advice of her -- and new moms in general.

"As far as exercise goes -- go for it. But be sure you have a supportive bra," Virgin suggested.

True to Virgin's words, the Fashion Star mentor has been taking her post-pregnancy workouts in baby steps.

She tweeted on Thursday:

Simpson also boasted about the joys of motherhood, saying:

“I am so in love with baby Maxwell. I want to cry every time I look at her. Motherhood is by far the best thing I’ve ever experienced.”

Check out photos of her new bundle of joy with fiance Eric Johnson in the video below.

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    @Shazam that's what it like for most women in the entertainment business now a days get over yourself it's never gonna be how it used to be even 16 years ago when Natasha Richardson had her 2nd son Danny. that Trainer though is right a womens breasts do stay large if she's breast feeding and even for a bit of time after she weans her child/children and besides that Jessica has always had big boobs

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    Christ, I'm sick of reading news about this pregrancy (and now post pregnancy). How many years she was pregnant? Rest of the world is nine months,but with Jessica, it seems I'm hearing the same crap news for «years».

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