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There were plenty of “maker problems” on Sunday’s episode of HBO’s True Blood as Pam faces her responsibilities to Tara and her relationship to Eric takes a dramatic turn.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched “We’ll Meet Again.”

Pam’s maker instinct kicks in when she realized that newborn vamp Tara was committing suicide by tanning bed and goes to save her. Then, they return to Fangtasia to find Eric and Bill. It isn’t the reunion Pam was hoping for as Eric suspects she let Russell go. After convincing him that she would never do that, Eric (who seems certain his life will soon be over) releases Pam as his progeny in the saddest, most touching scene True Blood has ever pulled off. Later, Bill and Jessica have an intimate maker-progeny talk, but he decides not to tell her about the danger he’s in.

Meanwhile, Sookie is being haunted by her conscience over killing Debbie and the townsfolk’s disgust with her for having Pam turn Tara. She comes clean to Jason, but he refuses to arrest her. Luckily, Alcide throws Debbie’s parents off Sookie’s scent by saying she was killed by packmaster Marcus. And when Andy decides that there’s still something fishy going on, Jessica glamours him into dropping the case. It pays to be a hot little faerie, doesn’t it?

In other storylines, Lafayette is possessed once again by the blue demon, which somehow takes over Sookie’s car and almost kills her. Andy and Jason discover a faerie version of Fangtasia where Jason finds out that his parents weren’t killed in a car accident, but by vamps. And we learn that Terry’s drunk and drugged platoon shot down innocent villagers during the war. In the present, his and Patrick’s road trip to find their old friend ends with the two of them on the wrong side of a rifle. And someone has a problem with shapeshifters… Sam finds his buddies shot dead. Also, the Authority discovers another Sanguinista rat resulting in child vamp Alexander’s insides scattered across the boardroom (and Roman’s face).

Buzz Moments

OMG!: The scene in which Eric releases Pam was heartbreaking.

Thank you, TV gods: A drunken Sookie — who was singing Jimmy Buffett’s “If You Like Pina Coladas” to the vampires in her life – mounts Alcide while Bill watches from outside through the window in jealousy.

Awk-ward: While trying to pull Tara from the tanning bed, Pam pulls off a chunk of burnt flesh from her progeny’s arm.

Hotness: Christopher Meloni shirtless in bed with an Apple iBook — a treat for both the actor’s fans… and Apple-philes.

Fab-u-lous: Who can resist “Faerie-tasia’s” bubble gum décor and sexy, retro cabaret dancers? More, please.

Can. Not. Wait.: What does it mean that the vampires were responsible for Sookie and Jason’s parents’ deaths?

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 8

Watch writer Alexander Woo and director Romeo Tirone discuss the episode below.

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