‘Amazing Spider-Man’s’ Andrew Garfield Reveals His Man Crush: Ryan Gosling — Plus Other Same-Sex Celeb Crushes (PHOTOS)

Emma & AGarf's Romance
Find out how 'Spider-man' got his gal!
Look out Emma Stone, your man has a crush on someone else.

Recently, The Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield, age 28, revealed on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno how he really feels about Drive star Ryan Gosling.

“He’s just a dreamboat. Its undebatable. He’s just stunning. Not only physically, but in terms of talent—a general sex appeal that he has.”

Coincidentally, Garfield’s gal Stoned starred alongside Gosling, 31, in 2011’s Crazy. Stupid. Love.

Guess who will share the screen once again later this year?

Stone, 23, and Gosling will star in Gangster Squad, a drama about East Coast mobsters set in 1940 Los Angeles. The film is expected to hit theaters on September 7.

Garfield and Stone have been dating since last year, and have been seen all over the world as they promote The Amazing Spider-Man, which opens July 3.

Garfield isn’t the only celeb to harbor a same-sex crush. To see more celeb girl-crushes and bromances, click through the gallery.

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Watch A-Garf’s full man crush confession below.