Giuliana Rancic 'On Standby' With Upcoming Baby Boy's Birth (VIDEO)

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Giuliana and Bill Rancic are getting ready to welcome their first child via a gestational carrier in a few months, but the E! News host joked that she might actually miss the birth.

The expectant mom, 36, stopped by TODAY this morning and chatted with Natalie Morales about her baby boy-to-be and admitted she's working until the last possible second until he's born.

“The baby is due the end of August, [and] I wrap at the Olympics on August 11. So we are going to be on standby," said Rancic, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011.

"We think it’s going to be OK. The doctor assured us. He thinks maybe even early September the baby will come."

Meanwhile, she and her husband are ready to finally see their baby boy.

“[Bill] was thrilled, are you kidding me?" Giuliana gushed of her husband's excitement to have a boy.

"I mean, he would have loved a girl too, but it was funny because I told Bill, 'You realize you can’t play ball with him for awhile?’" she laughed. "I think he thinks at six months they’re going to be playing catch, I’m like, ‘Honey, that doesn’t happen for a little while.’ He’s like, 'I was waterskiing at three-years-old.’ I’m like, ‘Slow down, slow down, honey!'"

"He’s like, 'I just want an NFL quartberback,'" Giuliana added. "I’d like a CEO, but we compromised, and you know what? We’ll take healthy."

The couple recently chatted with Celebuzz, revealing that they will raise their child in Bill’s home base of Chicago.

But have Guiliana and 41-year-old Bill, who have been married for nearly five years, picked out a name for their baby boy?

“It’s not going to be an Italian name — we agreed on that,” Bill told Celebuzz.

After years of trying to get pregnant, Giuliana announced in April that she and her husband are expecting their first child via a gestational carrier.

The difference between a gestational carrier and a surrogate parent is that biologically the child is Bill and Giuliana's; the gestational carrier brings the baby to term, but is not genetically related to the child in her womb.

Giuliana and Bill revealed on TODAY that their baby’s carrier lives in Denver and is married with two children. They kept mum about everything else, adding that they wanted to keep some things private.



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  • kellienurse

    Gee, I hope Giulianna understands that she doesn't HAVE to work. In fact, motherhood can be quite boring so she should work to keep feeling fulfilled but only for short assignments for a day or two. I have a feeling she's going to hate the daily rigors of home life and will escape by working daily. No ONE can love our children more than we can, not even the grandparents. Quit the self-centered glamour job to save your marriage and child. Seriously.

  • twinklemepink06

    she doesn't deserve anything. I DID read the article, and it is clear that two weeks before a baby's birth is unresponsible to be working in another country.

  • gratefulgma

    wow...Talk about being as dumb as they come!!!

  • Annie

    Also, Giulianna can't have a baby on her own, because she had tried many times and she is healing form her breast cancer

  • Jenny Brinkman
    Jenny Brinkman

    What an ignorant thing to say. You have no idea what you're talking sad. If you actually read the article and not just the headline, (I'm guessing that would be too hard for you to do) you'd see that the doctor expects the baby early Sept. and she will be done working Aug. 11. Anyway, I love Giuliana & Bill -- so excited for them! Saying that they deserve this is an understatement.

  • twinklemepink06

    she's as dumb as they come. I guess she doesn't care about her son being born, just like she doesn't care if she eats ever.