Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce: 6 New Developments

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Was there a marriage contract? Is Katie being followed? Did her dad help her flee?

In the wake of Katie Holmes shock decision to file for divorce from Tom Cruise on June 28, more details have emerged about what led to the abrupt ending of the five-and-a-half year marriage.

We’re breaking down the latest developments:

1.) “Marriage contract” rumors debunked.

Since their 2006 wedding at a castle in Italy, there have been long-standing rumors of a Scientology-based contact that specified Holmes’ lifestyle and numerous other items; such as the duration of their marriage.

“I have actually negotiated [pre-nups] for celebrity Scientologists and have never heard of a Scientology contract — usually they have the same provisions as any other [pre-nup],” celebrity family attorney Lisa Helfend Meyer told Celebuzz.

2.) Holmes is seen without her wedding ring for the first time.

The newly-single actress took no time removing her wedding band, as she was stepped out for the first time in New York on Monday with a bare ring finger — only days after filing for divorce. She was filming a spot for the reality show, Project Runway: All Stars.

3.) Cruise’s adopted son Son Connor tweets support for his dad.

The 17-year-old DJ, who was in Iceland with his father when the news first broke on Friday, took to Twitter to send a meaningful message.

“#LaFamilia Always. Friends Come And Go, But Family Is Forever,” he wrote.

4.) Holmes’ father helped her flee.

According to PEOPLE magazine, Holmes’ parents “wanted [the] old Katie back,” nudging Toledo, Ohio-based lawyer Martin Holmes to travel to New York and help his 33-year-old daughter flee Cruise.

5.) Ex-Scientologists reveal to Celebuzz how the church benefits the actor by providing gifts and staff to support his lavish lifestyle.

Holmes had “grown tired of living the strictly controlled life of a member of the religion,” one insider told Celebuzz.

She also “fears that if Suri remains a Scientologist, she will eventually be brainwashed into rejecting her own birth mother,” best-selling biographer Andrew Morton, author of Tom Cruise: An Authorized Biography, told Celebuzz.

6.) Before Holmes, Cruise audtioned another leading lady for the role.

The New York Times best-selling author Morton claimed that Cruise wanted to marry Modern Family star Sofia Vergara before he married Holmes. Writing exclusively for Celebuzz, the man behind Tom Cruise: An Authorized Biography detailed how the Top Gun actor had tried to date the actress. According to the writer, Cruise first got in touch with Vergara while she was filming ‘Four Brothers’ in Montreal.

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