YouTube Sensation Shane Dawson: I Want to Spoof Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Split

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YouTube sensation Shane Dawson is back with a brand-new single, “The Vacation Song.” The actor, writer and singer talks about his inspiration for the breakup-themed song — which debuts right in time to coincide with the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce news.

Celebuzz broke the story to Dawson, who says it is likely to inspire a TomKat spoof.

However, the 23-year-old shares his reservations about making fun of celebrities.

“I love doing [my own] characters,” he says. “I have spoofed celebrities before, but it’s hard for me because I picture them watching it. I think, if Miley Cyrus or whomever I’m spoofing actually saw this, there’s a chance I could see them in real life at some point — and what if they saw it and what if they got their feelings hurt? I don’t really spoof people as much anymore as I used to. But, I’m definitely wanting to spoof Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise now. Pretty sure I will never run into Tom Cruise, so that would work.”

For his new single, he says he drew from real-life inspiration. “It started out as a really fun song, and the more I started writing it, it kind of turned into a breakup song. But it still has that fun, summer feel and the whole premise basically is instead of needing a breakup, you need a vacation from the person that you are with. I think it’s fun.”

“I was having trouble writing it because I just didn’t care much about the lyrics,” he adds. “Then one of the producers was like, ‘write about something you know about.’ So it sounds like a breakup song, but it’s actually about my relationship with my dad. I know that sounds really over dramatic, but once I put it in that perspective, I literally wrote it in like 30 minutes. The music video has a little taste of that. It’s basically about a breakup, but there are other characters in there that are dealing with people in their life that they need to get away from.”

When not trying to escape people, Dawson says that he has found friendships in other YouTube stars. “For me, it’s always fun to have people that do the same thing as you or and have the same work ethic as you,” he adds. “A lot of my friends have YouTube channels and I use them in my videos, and I’m in their videos. It’s fun to be around people who don’t think I’m creepy for making videos in my bedroom on the Internet. That’s great. Friends who don’t automatically think I do porn.”

Get “The Vacation Song” on iTunes here. The video debuted Saturday on Dawson’s YouTube channel, which you can watch below: