Andy Griffith Death: Revisiting Mayberry, ‘Matlock’ and 3 More Memorable Roles (VIDEO)

RIP Andy Griffith
The veteran actor dies at 86.
Andy Griffith, veteran television and film actor, had a career that spanned more than six decades. On Tuesday, the news broke that the Hollywood legend had died at 86.

Beginning his career in the early 1950s with various small television roles, it wasn’t until 1960 when he had his own show, CBS’ The Andy Griffith Show. That cemented his place in TV history. Airing for eight years, the show spawned several different spinoff shows, which Griffith also appeared in.

Once The Andy Griffith Show ended, the actor’s next most well known role would be on the hit legal drama series, ABC’s Matlock. Starring as the main character, Ben Matlock, the show aired for eight years from 1986-1995. During its sixth season, Griffith also served as a writer and executive producer on the show.

After Matlock, the actor went on to play many different roles and became one of television’s most versatile actors.

In honor of his passing, Celebuzz takes a look at five of Griffith’s most memorable roles.

1. Small town, big hit. Griffith is best remembered for the title role. This scene also features child actor-turned-film producer Ron Howard as his son, Opie.

2. Legally Southern. Here is a scene of actress Cindy Morgan and Griffith on the legal drama Matlock.

3. Sing, Andy. Griffith was a Grammy-winning gospel singer. Early in his career (1955), he appeared on a few episodes of The United States Steel Hour, which allowed him to show off some of his voice.

4. Action adventure Andy. In 1979, Griffith starred on the short-lived adventure ABC series, Salvage 1.

5. Ladies’ man. For his last major role in 2009, Griffith played Grandpa Joe in the romantic comedy, Play the Game. In the clip below, he charms the pants off co-star Doris Roberts.

Reporting by Kevin Jennings.

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