Katy Perry in Tears Over Russell Brand Split in ‘Part of Me’ Movie

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As her marriage to Russell Brand crumbled, Katy Perry still let the cameras roll for her new documentary film Part Of Me. Capturing an honest look at how she tried to save her marriage, the film shows the “Part of Me” singer, 27, sobbing backstage in Brazil.

Another scene shows Katy asking when her next break in the tour is, so she can fly and see her husband. She looks upset when she is informed she won’t be able to see him for another 18 days.

The singer continues to make sacrifices for Brand but hits an all-time low.

In another shot, a crew member asks if the comedian, 37, is coming to visit her. An angry Katy responds: “He should but he’s not.”

She later admits: “I’m fighting to keep my marriage alive.”

A friend then adds: “She should be resting, but she wants to fly to wherever Russ is to show she cares. She’s running herself ragged.”

Brand filed for divorce in December 2011 after 14 months of marriage.

In a scene filmed shortly after their split, Perry admits she still misses him.

“I’m a romantic and I believe in the whole fairytale. Love is a dream but the reality is making it work. I did everything I could – but it still failed,” she said.

Watch a clip from her new film Part of Me, in theaters July 5.

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