‘Magic Mike’ Star Olivia Munn Challenges Talk Show Host Bethenny Frankel To Pole Dancing Competition (VIDEO)

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Magic Mike star Olivia Munn threw down the gauntlet on Bethenny today, challenging host Bethenny Frankel to a pole dancing contest.

The actress, who turns 32 today, not only showed off her seductive stripper moves but also dished details on her sex scenes with Magic Mike co-star Channing Tatum.

So how was getting up-close-and-personal with the actor?

“I would say good to quite good. We kind of, like, became kids. We had this shower scene that you don’t get to see,” Munn said. “We have like, you know, we have our little parts covered…ish.

The stripper flick isn’t Munn’s only successful project — her new HBO dramatic series, Newsroom, in which she plays financial news reporter Sloan Sabbith, has just been renewed for its second season.

Watch the above video and tell us, who do you think plays the better stripper: Olivia or Bethenny? Sound off in the comments!