Pregnant 'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki Pushes Around Beer-Filled Baby Stroller (PHOTOS)

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Well, this is one way to prep for motherhood. Mom-to-be Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi, 24, was spotted on her way back to the Jersey Shore house in Seaside Heights, N.J. on Tuesday, pushing around a baby stroller filled with booze.

Dressed in an over-sized shirt and zebra print flip flops, Snooki hauled around a full case of Coors Light beer and bottles of soda for her cast mates. The Jersey Shore crew is apparently getting ready for a big Fourth of July bash as filming is about to wrap on season six of the MTV hit show.

It seems not even pregnancy can keep Snooki from taking part in the fun festivities.

The pint-sized star, who is in her third trimester, looks ready to have some holiday fun -- even though she obviously won't be drinking any alcohol.

Snooki is having a baby boy -- due this fall -- with fiance Jionni LaVelle.

Much of the drama behind her unexpected pregnancy will be chronicled on Snooki & JWoww, a spin-off of the hit MTV reality show.

For more party prep photos from the cast click through the gallery above, and check out Snooki's spin-off every Thursday at 10:30 PM ET on MTV.



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  • Tanisha Love Ramirez
    Tanisha Love Ramirez

    This is a hot mess. While it's head-shaking-worthy to see a pregnant woman pushing a stroller full of beer, I'm actually more peeved at seeing yet another person misuse a jogging stroller! It's used for jogging! The least she could have make a beer run, instead of a beer walk! But seriously, did we expect anything else from Snooki and MTV. Of course they sent HER to get the booze. It's scandalous. Otherwise, it would just be another boring beer run, not worthy of press. Duh!

  • HannahB

    A pregnant women can go to to the shop and buy does not mean shes drinking it. Snooki's obviously buying it for someone else. Shes changed alot since becoming pregnant stop trying to drag her image down again.


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