Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens Celebrate Ashley Tisdale's Birthday With Beachside Bash (PHOTOS)

Selena Gomez hit the beach on Monday for the star-studded 27th birthday party of Ashley Tisdale, and had a hard time keeping her two feet on the ground.

The Monte Carlo cutie, 19, ran around in the sand, and joked around with her beau Justin Bieber's good friend Alfredo Flores, who at one point threw Gomez over his shoulder, fireman style.

Meanwhile, Gomez's Spring Breakers costar and Tisdale's best friend, Vanessa Hudgens, 23, brought her boyfriend Austin Butler to the party, and per usual, the two were quite cuddly.

As for the birthday girl...

Tisdale, donning a sexy fringed bikini top, was caught kissing and cuddling with her on-again, off-again beau, director Scott Speer .

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Though Bieber wasn't able to join his girlfriend and her gal pals, he did have a good reason. The "Boyfriend" singer, 18, is a bit under the weather, and all the while trying to film the music video for his latest single "As Long As You Love Me." Bieber tweeted:

"Feeling crappy. big week coming up. #AsLongAsYouLoveMe video shoot."
Gomez, who took a break from singing to act in the fun and flirty film Spring Breakers, recently revealed she too is gearing up to get back into music.

"I have a thousand ideas," she told MTV News. "This album is going to be the first one that I'm actually going to spend as long as I want — it can be two months, it could be a whole year before this album comes out — so I'm going to have my freedom with it. It'll be, like, my tell-all, in a way."



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  • tammy

    not true. they are perfect for each other

  • caramel lollies
    caramel lollies

    lol cause you'll nevr be the one doing that to her LOLOL.

  • kardashiansonmydick

    i just wanna jerk off on her lol

  • kardashiansonmydick

    her body is made for good hard fucking

  • Ulyana Ankudinova
    Ulyana Ankudinova

    cute puppy! :]

  • zip

    im a guy too, but i keep them facts, thoughts & opinons to myself. no one wants to hear that mate..

  • zip

    eww, a tad to far my friend..

  • dave1001

    I wouldn't mind raiding her underwear drawer and jerking off with her panties :)

  • dave1001

    Ashley always looks great in a bikini. My dick just bursts out of my boxers whenever I see her.

  • mileyismylife

    I love Vanessa's style! i wouldn't mind raiding her wardrobe :)

  • mileyismylife

    Ashley is insanely stunning, i wish i had her body!

  • Nicole Houston
    Nicole Houston

    Isn't 'As Long As You Love Me' a lyric in a older song by either Backstreet Boys or NSync? and Ashley does look beautiful:) Selena too.

  • ade954

    Lol no Justin I think they should break up Selena is too old for Justin she will be better with someone else

  • ade954

    Ashleys getting old but shes still gourgous She is an amazing actress

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  • Vale

    Ashley is perfect ! i love her and selena !

  • Kaila Kim
    Kaila Kim

    Ashley, I love you Girl!!! Soooo Cute!!!

  • trent

    dose it matter she already got a nose job and she's 27 i find it normal if a person don't like a part of there own body and she's an actress so it helps a little when she works on tv or movies.

  • sara

    im pretty sure ash got a boob job they look bigger and perky :/