Big Time Rush Summer Tour Kicks Off: See the History of Boy Bands (PHOTOS)

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Boy Bands Through Time: Big Time Rush
The time has come for Big Time Rush to kick off their Big Summer Tour!

On Thursday, July 5, the boys rock out their opening night in Ohio. Not only will X Factor cutie Rachel Crow be opening, but Aussie pop star Cody Simpson will be on hand as well.

Here's what BTR told Celebuzz about the tour:

"We're super excited," Carlos gushed. "We're doing like 60 dates!"

"It's going to be great," Kendall added, "because these shows are really big ... so that gives us a lot of stage space. We're making our space bigger, adding more screens, maybe do some kind of acrobatic stuff. It's going to be a really exciting show."

See more from the interview below:

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Crow also talked about the upcoming tour by breaking down each member of the band to Celebuzz.

"Carlos is the cool big brother. Kendall is [protective], like, 'no boys allowed.'  Logan, you just want to have fun and hang out with. James is the one that treats you like a little sister."

"I love them all," she added. "They're like the big brothers that I've always wanted."

BTR follows in a long line of successful boy bands. Scroll through the Celebuzz History of Boy Bands for a little school of rock!



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  • kery

    i like their songs...

  • kery

    ohh the hansons i loved mmmmbop yeeesss!!

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    they have a special style

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    i dont like them

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    ohhh love them when i was little yep

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    i loveeeee them i like almost all their songs yeahhhhh!!!!

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