Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves Expecting Third Child

Third time's a charm for Matthew McConaughey and new wife Camila Alves.

The Magic Mike star revealed via Twitter on the Fourth of July that they are expecting their third child. "Happy birthday America, more good news, Camila and I are expecting our 3rd child, God bless, just keep livin," he tweeted.

McConaughey, 42, and Alves, 30, already have two young children, Levi, 3, and little sister, Vida, 2.

This news comes just a month after the couple wed on June 10th.

"Levi brought the rings on a necklace. Vida was the flower girl," the actor told NBC's TODAY this past week. "I don't think she dropped one petal."

“Somehow they both seem to understand what we are doing on a spiritual level,” Alves told People magazine of her children.

McConaughey and Alves shared their wedding details and photos with People this past June, McConaughey saying of the big day, “[Camila and I] decided to embrace the ritual of marriage as an opportunity and adventure we’ll take together.”

The wedding — which was stretched over three days — was a traditional Catholic ceremony. The 120-person guest list included a number of famous faces — everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Woody Harrelson.

At the wedding’s reception, guests were treated to Brazilian meats, a variety of deserts and a live band that played American pop and Brazilian rock hits.

The couple met in 2006. They got engaged over the Christmas holiday, in 2011.



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  • Math-Anyone

    Yes.. but it was wrong to start with... and it was fixed

  • Aurelky Wheeler
    Aurelky Wheeler

    McConaughey, 42, and Alves, 30, already have two young children, Levi, 3, and little sister, Vida, 2.

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    actually Levi turns 4 on Saturday and Vida is 2 1/2 born January 9th 2010. I'll venture a bet that Camilla wants to be done having children when she's 35 to avoid the chance of a multiple pregnancy or serious complications that neccesssitate a premature delivery and time in the nicu for the baby. oh please academy award nominee Jeanne Crain had 7 children before she turned 40 and had no complications with any of them though two pre deceased her same goes for oscar winner Paul Newman he nearly had 7 children by the time he was 40 3 from his first marriage and 4 from his 2nd though his 2nd wife miscarried their first child and his only son overdosed on drugs & booze in 1978 age 28. if Matt is just announcing now then Camilla is due between Vida's 3rd birthday and her 31st which are January 9th & 28th respectively and this little one should weigh in around 7lbs like each of their previous children did

  • Math-Anyone

    ...... two young children, Levi, 3, and big sister, Vida, 2 You do know that 2 is smaller than 3 right?