Battle Of the Comic-Book Babes: Who Has the Best Bikini Body? (PHOTOS)

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With the record-breaking release of The Avengers, the recent premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man, and the much-anticipated debut of The Dark Knight Rises, comic book blockbusters are dominating the summer box office.

And moviegoers are not only flocking to these films for the heart-pumping action scenes and eye-popping special effects.

It’s for the women, too! It’s no secret that these big-screen adaptations are chock-full of butt-kicking babes — the crème de la crème of Hollywood leading ladies (Halle Berry! Scarlett Johansson! Blake Lively!).

So in honor of all this cinematic eye candy (and Comic Con on July 12!), Celebuzz is taking a look at the hottest comic-book babes. Some are super-heroines and some are damsels, but it all boils down to this: Who takes the prize for best bikini body?

Click through our skin-baring gallery.

Which actress do you think should be crowned #1? Sound off in the comments!

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