Courtney Stodden Challenges Kate Upton in a Bikini Dance Off (VIDEO)

Kate Upton's Sexy Pics
The 'SI' model poses in sexy lingerie.
Watch out Kate Upton, there’s a new bikini babe ready to shake it on YouTube — Courtney Stodden.

The always vivacious teen bride posted a video on her Twitter shaking what her mother gave her.

The 17-year-old Stodden — who became infamous after tying the knot to Green Mile actor Doug Hutchinson, 52, last year — dons a very patriotic (and very tiny) bikini for her latest skin-flashing video.

While she doesn’t attempt the dance made famous by Sports Illustrated model Upton, “The Cat Daddy,” Stodden does do her own take on another famous dance.

What does Stodden shake it to?

She does her sexiest impression of the signature moves in the ’70s classic Saturday Night Fever during a disco mix.

Despite being born after the disco fad, Stodden still manages to pull off the moves — with an added extra sprinkling of Stodden sexiness.

Pouting, grinding and jumping all around, Stodden certainly knows how to get everyone’s attention. No wonder she flashes a sign at the beginning that reads: “This video will be age restricted in …”.

Should model Upton be worried that there is a new dancing bikini girl in town? Have your say in the comments below.

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