Courtney Stodden Challenges Kate Upton in a Bikini Dance Off (VIDEO)

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Watch out Kate Upton, there's a new bikini babe ready to shake it on YouTube -- Courtney Stodden.

The always vivacious teen bride posted a video on her Twitter shaking what her mother gave her.

The 17-year-old Stodden -- who became infamous after tying the knot to Green Mile actor Doug Hutchinson, 52, last year -- dons a very patriotic (and very tiny) bikini for her latest skin-flashing video.

While she doesn't attempt the dance made famous by Sports Illustrated model Upton, "The Cat Daddy," Stodden does do her own take on another famous dance.

What does Stodden shake it to?

She does her sexiest impression of the signature moves in the '70s classic Saturday Night Fever during a disco mix.

Despite being born after the disco fad, Stodden still manages to pull off the moves -- with an added extra sprinkling of Stodden sexiness.

Pouting, grinding and jumping all around, Stodden certainly knows how to get everyone's attention. No wonder she flashes a sign at the beginning that reads: "This video will be age restricted in ...".

Should model Upton be worried that there is a new dancing bikini girl in town? Have your say in the comments below.

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  • NM er
    NM er

    Please.........not even comparable!!!!!

  • Michelle Reynolds-Golda
    Michelle Reynolds-Golda

    This girl has no originality or creativity. She shadows everyone else and fails miserably even at that!!!

  • very.very.right

    she is gorgeous, big boobs, good ass -- uh very attractive ;)

  • danielleakame

    bwhahah i always read the comments for this poor girl. she is a hot mess (not in a good way) but the comments give me a good laugh. ahahahah

  • just.not.right

    fake insert tits, NO ass, with a 40 year old face -- ugh.. not attractive

  • txbeauty

    Is this a joke? This "girl" isn't even in the same hemisphere as Kate. Oh and since we know everything about her is real ... that's why her hair is a foot longer! Plz

  • Rana Sinha
    Rana Sinha

    Crap... not even close..just vying 4

  • Afrika

    are you trying to say Kate is fat?? if so then how is she a model huh? she has a GORGEOUSLY curved figure, a flat tum, lifted bum, big boobs, a pretty face, amazing hair and amazing legs that go on forever. you clearly are screwed in the head mate..

  • Jake

    Courtney Stodden has sex appeal but Kate has the better personality.

  • Mitt

    Naturally thin Courtney has a much better body than Kate.

  • Afrika

    lol, you misunderstood me. what i meant was, Mitt/Matt/Anonymous/Cami/ everyone else he pretends to be, always picks on bigger girls like Jess Simpson and such, so i was saying that i was surprised that he was now picking on someone who is very thin, i was just shocked that for once he was laying off the curvy women.

  • Seriously?

    Afrika, Matt said nothing about her body.. he said she is disgusting. Think he was referring to the whole package.

  • etonderrodr

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  • afrika

    lolol im surprised Matt, or should i say Mitt.. this girl is super thin yet you still picked on her. you talk crap bout Jessica Simp, Deena Cortese, Aubrey O'Day, saying they fat and that. youre a pathetic person with no heart or brain.

  • matt

    that chick is disgusting. i feel gross for watching that.

  • zip

    CB please continue to post these photos/videos of Court, she is seriously so so hot, i luv her!!

  • Flmannel

    LOL! I would have sworn that was meant to be funny- she looked like she was one of those creepy toddlers and tiaras routines. No rhythm, the manface, the gross body, it's all just...bad. The video was worth a laugh but I'd rather not hear about this girl (I use that term loosely- that seriously has to be a dude) anymore. Kate Upton on the other hand- awesome.

  • Seriously?

    Let's take the challenge further- Kate Upton became a REAL model @ 16. Lead a normal teenage life prior to that. Went to school, was an equestrian. I just viewed the photos you have, and she seems demure and sexy in a soft feminine way- she is not exuding prostitue. She became famous all on her own. Did not have to have her mom get an actor 35 yrs her senior to marry her so that she could put herself out there. She has had major photo shoots, commercials, was in a movie, guests on shows, etc, etc. And when she appears in public- wow she dresses normal and without stripper shoes! And yes, she dances far better.

  • kel

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janette Zimmerman
    Janette Zimmerman

    Seriously, make it stop. It would make it a whole lot easier to ignore this crap if you guys stopped shoving it in our faces.

  • WTF

    And Celebuzz, what the heck is wrong with you? I thought this was supposed to be a site about "celebrities", not a porn site? You are going to post her 18 yr old pics?

  • HannahB

    Shes on crack..........

  • WTF

    No, not even close to Kate Upton- the difference? Court just does the dance moves, she has no soul or vibe to her dancing. That is because she is too busy concentrating @ staring @ the camera and making faces. OH! And I have a perfect name for her dance! "THE TRAFFIC COP!' go left, go right, go to the roundabout, slow down. OH, now an accident- make face like angry traffic cop (also similar to male 80s rock singer- why would she mimic that..) Angry, masculine look- that is sexy. So, she can't sing, she can't act, she can't dance. All she tries to do is mimic and copy others and fails miserably.

  • ebob

    Not even on the same planet as Kate