‘Drop Dead Diva’: Serena Williams and Brandy Team Up On Set (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

'Drop Dead Diva' Dish
'Diva' star talks about Kim Kardashian.
Celebuzz has an exclusive first look at tennis star Serena Williams and singer Brandy on the set of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva.

In a brand-new episode debuting Sunday, Williams, 30, guest stars as a high-profile attorney who helps Brandy fight a case against her ex-boyfriend, who owns his own law firm. He is also the boss of series star Brooke Elliott, who plays Jane.

Watch a sneak peek clip in the video below:

Brandy, 33, has an ongoing role throughout this season, playing a woman who’s involved in a custody dispute after her ex finds out they have a child together.

Kim Kardashian recently made an appearance on the hit cable show in a three-episode arc; she played Nikki, a juice-bar hostess-turned-relationship expert.

Watch Brandy and Williams on Drop Dead Diva this Sunday, July 8 at 9/8c.