Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Divorce: Suri Will Be Told Her Mother Is a Sociopath, Says Actor’s Former Scientology Auditor

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The man who audited and counseled Tom Cruise in the Church of Scientology has issued a warning to his soon-to-be ex-wife Katie Holmes about what she can “count upon” happening since she filed for divorce.

Mark ‘Marty’ Rathbun, who was Inspector General of the Church, claimed 33-year-old Holmes’ daughter with Cruise, six-year-old Suri, will be told her mother is a “Suppressive Person”, the equivalent to a sociopath.

“Katie can count upon… Tom Cruise and his Scientology handlers attempting to indoctrinate Suri to accept Scientology Inc policies with a slant toward fearing that Katie is a Suppressive Person,” Rathbun, who cut ties with the Church in 2004, wrote on his blog.

“They can be counted upon to do so at every opportunity so as to alloy Suri’s affinity for her mother and redirect her loyalties toward Cruise and his best man (David) Miscavige.”

52-year-old Miscavige is the leader of the Church and served as Cruise’s best man at the 2006 wedding to Holmes, held at a 15th century Italian castle before a Scientology minister.

Rathbun also said ex-Dawson’s Creek star Holmes would be the subject of a covert campaign to block her working as an actress in Hollywood, if she decides to speak out against the controversial religion.

“Should Katie overtly criticize Tom and Scientology, Tom and Miscavige can be counted upon to use Tom’s lines of communication in Hollywood to attempt to covertly visit harm upon future career opportunities for Katie,” he said.

“Given the level of public education over the past several years of Scientology’s hateful propaganda campaigns and given the clear public sentiment in Katie’s favor, I believe such efforts would miserably backfire on the perpetrators and likely create the opposite result.”

Writing on his blog under a post titled ‘Stop Trying to Freak Out Katie Holmes’ on July 4, Rathbun attempted to clarify “alarming reports” he had read from unnamed “insider” sources in various media outlets since she filed for divorce on June 28.

“Katie is hearing come from people who have no first-hand knowledge of Tom Cruise, David Miscavige and Scientology Inc’s dirty tricks arm, the Office of Special Affairs,” he said.

“Yes, constant vigilance is called for. But, there is plenty of danger in what she is likely actually facing. To drive her into unwarranted paranoia is not good for her, her child or anyone else for that matter.”

He said he hoped Holmes took the following “to heart”:

1. The Church of Scientology will mostly likely not engage in overt harassment, including surveillance of Katie. David Miscavige will most likely advise Tom Cruise not to engage private investigators to overtly investigate Katie.

2. The Church of Scientology and Tom Cruise will most likely not engage in covert operations designed to frame Katies Holmes.

3. The Church of Scientology and Tom Cruise would most likely forbid Suri from joining the Sea Organization (the Scientology priesthood with a lifetime commitment, labor camps and a ship). Not at 6 years old, not at 16 years old, not at 26 years old.

As Celebuzz previously reported, another former adviser to Cruise said Suri could eventually be brainwashed into rejecting her own birth mother.

“If Katie is asking a judge for sole custody — and it’s going to be any sort of battle whatsoever — Katie will be considered an enemy of the Church,” said Amy Scobee, who spent 27 years in the Church and ended up as a top manager at the church’s international base in California, building its network of Celebrity Centers.

“She does have a legitimate reason to worry that Suri could be turned against her.”

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