Bikini-Clad Nicki Minaj Flaunts Lots of Skin During 'Pound the Alarm' Video Shoot (PHOTOS)

The temperature in Trinidad are on the rise thanks to Nicki Minaj's skimpy style.

Though the "Super Bass" rapper was covered with bright red feathers, all eyes were on her barely-there bikini top and short shorts as she filmed scenes for her Carnival-themed music video, "Pound the Alarm."

This isn't the first time Minaj, 29, has stripped down for a shoot though.

Earlier this year, she bared almost all in nothing but a neon two piece for her "Starships" video.

Shooting on the beaches of Hawaii, the singer slipped in a hot pink bikini before rolling around in the sand for the cameras.

Which sexy video looks are you a fan of? Flip through the photos to get a closer look, then play fashion critic in the comments, below.

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  • zip

    Youre pathetic my friend, lolwtf Nicki is famously for her amazing rapping skills and her huge booty<3 ok mate, so if she cant sing, produce or write then why could Lil Wayne sign her, why would she have more than 1 millon followers on twitter, how did her concerts in sydney sell out in 5 minutes? why would great iconic singers such as Mariah Carey, X-Tina & Madonna do songs with her? answer that for me buddy. i bet you wont have an answer to back you up so dont bother trying unless its actually worth reading. CIAO! oh & p.s Nicki doesnt lip-synch, never has & NEVER will. :)

  • zip

    lolwut, more like amazingly hot* sexyman48? lol, a bit c*cky are we son?? im sure your the one here who looks like a muppet, not Nicki. so shh your face. (:

  • john

    She is pathetic. Famous for glow in the dark lipstick? Can't sing, can't write, can't play any instruments, produce, engineer, NOTHING! She is a lip synch creation of some mightly cynical handlers. And yes, America has bought it hook. Line. and Lip Syncher.

  • Sexyman48

    Amazingly like a muppet.

  • mileyismylife

    SHE LOOKS AMAZING! cannot wait for this video to come out :D