Brad Pitt's Mom Supports Mitt Romney: Who Are Other Republicans in Hollywood? (PHOTOS)

Jane Pitt's Letter
Brad Pitt and mom Jane
Brad's mom writes anti-gay, anti-Obama letter Read More »

Brad Pitt is an open supporter of gay marriage, but his mom? Not so much.

Jane Pitt has made headlines this week after writing a letter to her hometown paper, the Springfield, Mo., News-Leader, urging Christian's to vote for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney because he's against abortion and shares "Christian conviction concerning homosexuality."

Who are other entertainment figures that are Republican?

Jon Voight for one, who is Angelina Jolie's father. At least Jane will have one person to talk politics with over Thanksgiving dinner.

Celebuzz has compiled a list of stars in Hollywood who have voted for Republican candidates before. From Jessica Simpson to Chuck Norris, take a look at the gallery above to see celebrities who have conservative views.

Learn more about Jane Pitt's open letter in the video below:

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  • Debbie Jean
    Debbie Jean

    Well said Jean !! the younger generation and the whole occupy wall street have a distorted way of thinking , they want everything given to them , such an entitlement attitude!!!. Instead of working , these people who are a part of this whole occupy movement , want to lay around and have the hard workers that are out there everyday to support "their" families support them too!! I have a son that is 26 years old had a hard time finding a job , what did he do instead of getting on welfare , he gets a job working at pizza place making min. wage , to support his daughter he has full custody of. He lives at home and helps with bills too. He knows that nothing is free , and he certainly isn't laying around waiting for that monthly handout from the government. I believe welfare is to help , SHORT TERM!! I am voting for Mitt Romney , he is our brighter future!!

  • Rhonda

    Clint and Chuck are proud Republicans !! Yay, both can kick some booty !

  • C.

    Love, her. She is smart, and does not follow the mostly Hollywood sheep politics. She is sophisticated but has a cuteness to her and I would be proud to call her my sister, daughter, mom or neighbor. Go Jessica!

  • Francarlos

    Jul07SewnNatural the dolls are great! i have some old pieces of wood I've avideod using as I've wondered if they might have lead paint on them your post makes me think I could easily take some newer wood scraps and give them a (new & safe) rough paint job and use them similarly.

  • Michasia

    Aug13Subas subba limbu Teita bhanya uta ptakio unti laai kati raamro suhaa6 saarile tyo naaiti lai kasto nasuhaako hai saarile?

  • gruber

    So I'm the one who's pathetic 'redaerpil'? I'm not the one praising some fairy tale every Sunday morning like a child, or believing there's 72 virgins waiting for me. Just some advice, grow up you toddler.

  • redaerpil

    shut your trap Gruber, your pathetic. keep your Godslashing comments to yourself, buddy.

  • gruber

    I rest my case Jean. If you had a thread of reasoning you'd think differently. Keep watching Fox and praising Jesus.

  • Jean

    I think I would rather be an uneducated country hick than a dumb, Lazy, what something for nothing lib dem. Once you people get jobs and see how much of yout tax dollors are spent on the lazy, then there will be only REPBLICANS.

  • Jean

    That was really a dumb thing to say. Most of Hollywood came out in support for Obama.

  • mike

    of course their republican.. their rich

  • newpeople

    i think most of these people are economically republican socially liberal; ie not against gay rights or womens rights

  • nmad

    Hmm I saw an article that indicated it was not Brad Pitt's mom, but another woman with the same name.

  • Afrika

    ohai Mitt :) super cute of you to pretend to be me ayy. man, your life must be boring as hell.

  • gruber

    Can she even spell republican?

  • gruber

    No shit. I am truly scared for the future.

  • gruber

    Like every fat, uneducated, country hick. People who call themselves republican or right wing should take some time and educate themselves on world issues and get with the evolving world. Once you people do that, there will be NO more republican party.

  • afrika

    Jessica Simpson is fat.

  • Tara

    Clint Eastwood and Chuck Norris are republicans??? Better change my party soon.

  • kamii

    nothing wrong with Bushy, so go Jess!!!

  • zam

    my respect for her is now nonexistant, she was my favon the view.. not anymore. what is wrong with gay marriage? ... .... .. exactly, NOTHING IS WRONG WITH IT! Mitt Romney is a loser, and i dislike Elizabeth.

  • m0nabarbie

    i'm a firm believer in gay marriage and equality, but if these people dont believe in gay marriage, we cannot force them to, cause its not right, just like if they tried to force everyone to be against the gay marriage movement. but just like them have to repsect our view we have to respect theres aswell. i love Jess, i think shes a sweetie. as long as these people dnt go around trashing gay marriage and keep quiet then thats ok, if theyre going to sh*t talk gay marriage, thats when you and i can go and get them. :D

  • Jen

    Oh wow, primarily old white guys and idiots like Jessica Simpson. What a huge surprise!