Brad Pitt’s Mom Supports Mitt Romney: Who Are Other Republicans in Hollywood? (PHOTOS)

Jane Pitt's Letter
Brad's mom writes anti-gay, anti-Obama letter
Brad Pitt is an open supporter of gay marriage, but his mom? Not so much.

Jane Pitt has made headlines this week after writing a letter to her hometown paper, the Springfield, Mo., News-Leader, urging Christian’s to vote for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney because he’s against abortion and shares “Christian conviction concerning homosexuality.”

Who are other entertainment figures that are Republican?

Jon Voight for one, who is Angelina Jolie’s father. At least Jane will have one person to talk politics with over Thanksgiving dinner.

Celebuzz has compiled a list of stars in Hollywood who have voted for Republican candidates before. From Jessica Simpson to Chuck Norris, take a look at the gallery above to see celebrities who have conservative views.

Learn more about Jane Pitt’s open letter in the video below:

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