‘Real Housewives of NYC’s’ Ramona Singer on Jill Zarin's Adultery Comments: ‘She’s Pathetic’

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Although Jill Zarin is no longer on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City, she did leave some loose ends that fans still wonder about – especially when it came to castmate Ramona Singer and her husband Mario’s fidelity.

During Season 4, the Zarin Fabrics queen mentioned on-camera that she had heard rumors that Singer’s husband was cheating on her. Singer says the two former castmates dealt with it when the cameras weren’t rolling.

What words were exchanged between the two off-camera?

“She apologized,” Singer, 55, tells Celebuzz. “Before she knew she wasn't going to be asked back, she wanted to say she was really sorry. She said horrible things about Mario, too. There were other things, too, that were just as bad. She said to the press that at a party Mario hit her. He never hit her, but she did it to get into the press. She went to the press and made up anything to get her name in print. She is actually pathetic.”

Recently, Bravo had to squash reports that the fabrics queen would make a return to the series. And when we asked Singer about the networks’ statement on Zarin, she declined to comment specifically.

“Do you even want to give Jill more press?” she asks. "Do you even want to go there? How about no comment?"

That may be unavoidable. Zarin has been teasing a return to television since Bravo fired her and three other castmembers last September. This past week, it would seem that Zarin made good on her promise. She announced that she had just landed a special correspondent job on reality shows for ABC’s upcoming daytime show, Good Afternoon America.

A show rep could only confirm to Celebuzz that Zarin would appear on the Good Morning America spinoff next week.

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Mondays at 9 PM on Bravo.

How do you feel about Zarin's apology for the comments she made about Mario? Sound off in the comments section below.



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  • Joanne Ellen Shirley Wood
    Joanne Ellen Shirley Wood

    Jill Zarin is a lot like me holds no punches and tells it how it is,Ramona is a disgrace as is Alex and Simon and Mario is definately looking and more than likely playing the field,you could tell that day on the show the way he was oggling Sonja when she had that similar dress on too Ramona's when the silly woman thought she was pregnant,as if,at least you don't find Jill and Kelly begging to get back on the show unlike Alex and Simon,they would do anything to stay in the limelight even going on the couples therapy couch,goes to prove what kind of people these 2 think they are,or is it just the money they cant live without,I am sorry I would never let my husband or partner shout at one of my friends the way that Simon spoke to Sonja or even the way that Mario spoke to Jill,I am very surprised to be honest with you that Bobby didn't knock him out that was disgusting and vile,there should only be Lu Ann,Kelly and Jill left on that show and that's it then add more later

  • Joanne Ellen Shirley Wood
    Joanne Ellen Shirley Wood

    yes serves Ramona right,you get what you deserve and she has said it enough times about other people marriage on the show,they should have fired Ramona instead of Jill and I wished they would,she is nothing but a mean and vicious drunk,every where she goes she demands a drink,if she behaved like that with me I would kick her out in a heart beat,she demands apologies from everyone else but I have enevr heard her give one back to any one yet,I still think if it wasn't for her and Alex interfering Jill and Bethany would have made up,as for that pitiful acting of Alex when Jill showed up at Ramona's that weekend to speak to Bethenay I have never witnessed such poor acting in my life,Ramona is a disgrace to the show I always watch it in the U.K and I am glad they sacked Alex and Simon they are 2 of the worst people and social climbers I have ever seen in my life,and you can tell,she thinks she is lady muck when she is not all that at all and he thinks he is gods gift I don't think so

  • fatima

    Here, in Europe, we just saw the end of season 4. They should fire Romona, Alex and glad that Bethany is not in. Her screeching voice and her toxic tongue, oh! Romona is so nasty. Love Jill! Why the others demand her to change when they don't have to? Alex and her husband are not beautiful inside out..so glad they are fired! Without them, the show should be more watchable...

  • paddy

    i loved jill zrin and can not beleive somethings that have happened in britain we are seeing seasons 1,2,3,4 and i think bethenny and her nut friend alex mccord have set the stage to make jill look back as that odd couple alex and simon are trying to be relevant and are just annoying

  • DKC

    I absolutely agree with you. Ramona and Mario are the worst kind of American, cruel and pushy and I was disgusted the way Mario spoke to Gill Zarin. I am very surprised they were kept on the show. She should try to redeem herself by apologising for her husbands behaviour.

  • lily24

    And Caroline taken off the show would be bad how?!

  • kelakins

    Hate all the new H.WIives ! Taking Jill away would be like taking away Caroline from N.J. wives.

  • Kiki

    Seriously? First of all, I've never been more offended by portrayals of my fellow "housewives" than I've been since Bravo decided to subject us to these parodies of Housewives of Wherever, Not Reality...And one of the most offensive caricatures has got to be Ramona Singer. I think that she must be the closest version to her real life self, crazy eyes and all... Ramona on tv appears to be racist, homophobic, ignorant and BLIND. As big as she can make those crazy eyes, she's blind to the obvious lecherous ways of her hubby, Mario, who is on a whole 'nother level himself. He takes slimy, pervy & lecherous to new heights. Our of ALL the housewives in ALL the locales, I found Jill Zarin to be the least annoying, meaning YES she was annoying and offensive, but her times of such occurred less often than the other h'wives, and surely Ramona is the MOST often offensive and annoying. Cant wait till she actually has to deal with her own teen and the inevitable mistakes that all teens make. Good luck sticking your crazy eyes in the sand when your daughter behaves EXACTLY like you accused LuAnn's children of behaving.

  • Nancy

    Get a hobby Jill.

  • Ronit Salami
    Ronit Salami

    Could it be that Ramona is jealous of Jill Zarin? Zarin is now on ABC a far cry from Ramona's sinking Bravo housewives show that is sporting a record low in ratings this season. I also heard Ramona was DROPPED by HSN while Jill is an HSN regular. Lets face it, Ramona is a jealous, drunken has been that never was.

  • musetcb

    Jill is a loser and a toxic psychopath. If her sister is a therapist, why is she still roaming around causing trouble. I hope no one has hired her. Even if its for cleaning and maintenance. They'll be sorry.