Because He's Hot! Shirtless Austin Mahone Hits Miami Beach (PHOTOS)

Austin Meets Justin
Justin Bieber Austin 'Baby Bieber' Mahone
The rising You Tube star meets idol Justin Bieber at z100 Read More »

Eat your heart out, Justin Bieber.

YouTube sensation and teen heartthrob Austin Mahone created "Mahomies" frenzy on Miami Beach, Fla., this weekend when he ditched his shirt for an afternoon swim with gal pal Hailey Baldwin, the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin.

The 16-year-old from San Antonio, Texas has recently been making young girls' hearts aflutter with catchy pop songs and clean-cut cuteness -- and his new crop of shirtless photos will probably prove no different.

So why is every calling Mahone the "Baby Bieber?"

Like the 18-year-old pop sensation, Mahone is packing concert venues with hundreds of screaming fans.

Recently, Celebuzz caught up with singer at New York City’s Best Buy Theater before his sold-out show to chat about his rise to fame and his encounter with the Biebs himself.

Watch below to see what advice Justin gave him during their famous meeting.

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  • Varushka Pieters
    Varushka Pieters

    HEY,,,,all u stupid fans of austin,,,,he doesn't even care about you and your all in his face saying "OH AUSTIN I LOOOOVE YOU" WELL geuss what sister he does not give a damn bout you......uhg

  • Vanessa Jones
    Vanessa Jones

    Austin mahone ur are an amazing singer and I love ur songs and when I listen to ur songs my heart skips a beat I just love all ur songs and my favorite one is say something

  • Vanessa

    Austin mahone ur so hot just to let u know and I love u music and u are amazing

  • hannah ridgwat
    hannah ridgwat

    Austin you would never like a girl like me because nobody does but all I wanted to say is I LOVE YOU

  • I ain't even mad.
    I ain't even mad.

    bitch he doesn t even know that yo ugly ass exist !

  • berenice

    austin mahone is mine so girl backoff he's mine !!!!! I LOVE YOU AUSTIN !!!!! AND O NCE AGAIN BACKOFF HE'S MINE!!!1



  • emily

    I love you Austin Mahone

  • miligomez

    Hot? OMG he's still a kid.... :P