‘Drop Dead Diva’ Creator Previews Joan Rivers’ ‘Hilarious’ Guest Appearance (EXCLUSIVE PHOTO)

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Just as things seem to be looking up for Jane (Brooke Elliott) on Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva, the newly engaged attorney finds she needs some help in the form of guest star Joan Rivers. And Celebuzz has an exclusive first look photo above of the veteran comedian on Sunday’s episode.

Why does the comedian drop in on Diva?

“The whole cast fell in love with Joan,” series creator Josh Berman tells Celebuzz. “In Sunday’s episode, she plays Jane’s shrink and she’s hilarious.”

Apparently, Jane’s impending marriage to Owen (Lex Medlin) brings up some issues and her subconscious takes the form of Rivers.

“Joan returns in three weeks as a minister — also a manifestation of her subconscious,” Berman teases. “She was funny, friendly and anything but a diva.”

The lighthearted drama about an aspiring model who’s reincarnated into a high-powered lawyer is well known for its numerous guest stars. Kim Kardashian recently appeared in a three-episode arc and Sunday’s episode sees the return of recurring guest star Brandy and the debut appearance of her lawyer played by tennis phenom Serena Williams.

Yet in the case of Rivers, Berman sounds as if the appearance was years in the making. “I’m a huge fan of Joan Rivers,” he explains.

“In fact, I went to high school with her daughter,” he points out. “And I used to look forward to seeing Joan when she attended Melissa’s plays.”

Clearly, there’s perks to having one’s own show. Watch a preview of Rivers on Drop Dead Diva below.

Drop Dead Diva airs Sundays at 9 PM on Lifetime.