'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Casting — Who Should Play Finnick Odair? (PHOTOS)

who is fit to be finnick?
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Now that the first official casting announcement for Hunger Games: Catching Fire is out, it's time to speculate on who else could be cast in the sure-to-be-blockbuster sequel.

Lionsgate confirmed Monday, July 9, that Oscar winner Phillip Seymour Hoffman signed on for the role of Plutarch Heavensbee, Head Gamemaker for The Hunger Games. Suckerpunch actress Jena Malone is also is expected to officially sign on the dotted line for the role of feisty tribute, Johanna Mason.

Though fans and critics alike are applauding the casting of at least one central character, many are still dying to know who will play Finnick Odair?

If you haven’t read Catching Fire or have no idea who Finnick Odair is, let Celebuzz break it down for you.

Finnick is a handsome young man from District 4 who won the 65th annual Hunger Games when he was only 14 years old, which makes him about 24 when Catching Fire takes place. He is extremely confident and has a reputation for being quite the ladies man, and mentions his lovers pay him in “secrets," which is better explained in the third of Suzanne Collins' books, Mockingjay.

Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) meets Finnick when (spoiler alert!) they are pitted against one another in the Quarter Quell fight. The QQ is a tournament of sorts with 24 former victors battling against each other in celebration of the Hunger Games’ 75th anniversary.

Though Savages and Friday Night Lights hottie Taylor Kitsch was frequently mentioned in reports as a potential casting choice for the role, the 31-year-old actor told Celebuzz he definitely would not take on the complicated part of Finnick in the film, due in theaters on November 22, 2013.

Other actors who have reportedly been in talks include The Social Network star Armie Hammer, as well as Weeds' Hunter Parrish -- who almost snagged the role of Peeta in the first film -- but the actor who seems to be most likely to play Finnick is TRON: Legacy star Garrett Hedlund.

Though it's not official until Lionsgate says so, Celebuzz thought we'd put together a gallery of some eligble actors who would be great in the role of Finnick.

View the gallery for the full breakdown, then share your casting thoughts in the comments.

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  • Emma Ujević
    Emma Ujević

    i have reed the chatching fire and i can't emagine zac efron like finnick odair.and if they end up together like a couple (jennifer lawrence and zac efron) i'm so gonna hate him

  • GleeManiac

    Too bad he wasn't casted

  • GleeManiac

    Yes! I pictured him perfectly! But the sad thing is he didn't even read the second book so if he was cast he have to read the book to relate with Finnick!

  • Not a Hater of Any of them! But..
    Not a Hater of Any of them! But..

    ZAC EFRON!! ZAC EFRON!! ZAC EFRON!! ZAC EFRON!! ZAC EFRON!! ZAC EFRON!! ZAC EFRON!! ZAC EFRON!! ZAC EFRON!! ZAC EFRON!! ZAC EFRON!! I mean he is the TOTAL package. Good looking, great actor, young....hey, he's got eveything down to a T.

  • emily


  • Me

    Me need to see their abs ;)

  • Jenny

    If he was blonde again then YEA!!! wen i imagine finnick i think Alex Pettyfer

  • Abbie Caton
    Abbie Caton

    sure he has the looks, but i dont think that he can truly take on the role of finnick. coz in all the movies hes been in its usually a simple love story with its ups and downs. finncks role runs deeper than that nd i personally dont think he can do it.

  • F0ug!3

    Zac Efron definitely!!!!!!!! He is perfect for the role!!!!!

  • lillianlove

    chris zylka should play him

  • SydneyBean

    Wow!!!!! I totally disagree. He is perfect for the role!

  • SydneyBean

    Yes Yes Yes i kept on putting it on almost every fan site and hunger games fb page. when I read the books I pictured him as Finnick!!!! Where's Finnick? Odair he is!

  • Teri Cooper
    Teri Cooper

    I know he's not in the running for Finnick, but we would love to see Chris Hemsworth play Finnick. Could totally see him swimming & rescuing, He would look natural holding a trident, lol!

  • SIra

    here's my personal favourite for Finnick!

  • team peeta
    team peeta

    what i would like to know is why is zac efron mentioned ALL THE TIME!?! and remember, finnick gives peeta mouth to mouth ;D

  • ashley


  • ashley

    YESS!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • BOB

    Joey Graceffa! Where's Joey?

  • Darien, Q.
    Darien, Q.

    He would be great as Finnick, look at him! If you actually read the books then you should of at least had that image. I say yes completely to Hunter Parrish!

  • Abbie Caton
    Abbie Caton

    seriously? he looks a little older than that. preferably i would lyk Garrett Hedlund to play finnick but if he doesnt then this dude would b my second choice.

  • bhm:)

    if they cast zac efron i will KILL MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!! ether garret hedlund or james gaisford no one else

  • diana310

    You guys know he's only 25 right? That's only a year older then what Finnick is suppose to be. He's not old he's perfect for the role.

  • nic

    No! No! No! Luke Mitchell for the part

  • nic

    No! No! No! Luke Mitchell!

  • Mira

    Not James Franco! :O

  • Gabrielle

    Channing Tatum should play Finnick!

  • Taylor

    Ewww no!! Too skinny not muslcy and doesn't have the look.. He looks like he couldn't even carry Mags :/

  • Taylor

    OH YES!!!!!! PERFECT! :) Muscley and PERFECT!! PLEASE look!

  • Anna Watters
    Anna Watters

    JOEY GRACEFFA!!!!!!!!

  • Abbie Caton
    Abbie Caton

    PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!YES YES YES. this picture doesnt exactly do him justice but i was looking at other pictures of him online, you know without the beard and some of him in tron legacy and he looks lyk he was made to be finnick. if he doesnt play the role then im gonna be very upset.

  • Abbie Caton
    Abbie Caton

    too old sorry james. loved you in spiderman though.

  • Abbie Caton
    Abbie Caton

    no please no if you ppl r true hunger games fans then you wouldnt torture the movie by having one of my favorite characters be played by him. i mean no offence to him but i really dont think he can play the highly emotional and abused role of finnick.

  • Abbie Caton
    Abbie Caton

    i pick garrett

  • Abbie Caton
    Abbie Caton

    you no what with a little bit of hair dying and stuff im sure they could make him look so much younger then he would b a perfect finnick

  • Abbie Caton
    Abbie Caton

    hell no

  • Annya Nathaniel
    Annya Nathaniel

    I imagined Alex Pettyfer for Finnick Odair part.

  • Rose Sanders
    Rose Sanders

    yeah definitely not. I'm sorry, everything I have ever watched with him in it has ruined it for me. Particularly anything related to a book. He needs to stick to singing and dancing around. When i read the description of Finnick and I look at Zac Efron I definitely don't have a connecting moment. The other three are way better choices, preferably Armie Hammer due to the fact that he has that masculinity yet pretty boy appearance to him. Please no Zac... It would ruin a good book series and movie.

  • batriz

    Garrett. He got the talent to pull of the comedy and the tragedy on Finnick and he got the looks. And he also will look older than katniss, peeta and stuff, because finnick is 24, so i don't think its cool if they cast someone like Grant Gustin who would look younger than katniss . Jennifer is 21 and plays a 16 year-old, why cant he play a 24-year old being 27? And there's something else: she lives on district 4, wich is basically the beach, he can't have a flawless skin. GARRETT4FINNICK!

  • Priscila

    He has the right look and everything I guess, but Finnick is older than Katniss and Peeta, and Zac does not look older than Jennifer and Josh...

  • diana310

    One word : NO!

  • diana310

    Armie Hammer he's perfect. He's an excellent actor and fits the description perfectly. he is meant to be Finnick Odair. :)

  • nikki

    Garrett Hedlund is perfect! Has anyone heard him speak? His voice is very seductive, he's 6'2 and hes a good actor. Armie Hammer is also an excellent choice.


    darren 'warbler' criss was harry potter... why shouldnt we let grant 'warbler' gustin join in on the fun... otherwise he might just form a parodying production :)

  • Aj

    Garret Hedlund yesssssssssssssssssssss I can't imagine anyone else playing the role! Blonde and a clean shave and he will be perfect!!!!

  • Odairrr


  • Jenna

    KELLAN LUTZ! He has the looks and the humor :)

  • maggie

    JOE WALKER for Finnick.

  • nicoleta

    oh i wanted taylor kitsch he has that seductive thick voice that would be perfect for finnick

  • sarah

    I think a great one to throw into the mix is Toby Hemingway, good at the bad boy and has the looks and charm, he is hot! He was in The Covenant, Feast of Love, In Time, Playback and 1 out of 7

  • Rebecca Huron
    Rebecca Huron

    zack should take a role in the hunger games yes,yes, yum yum

  • Lex

    Oh man if he gets it, I'll be over the moon! I'd still be happy if Grant Gustin or Armie Hammer got it though.

  • Ree


  • JDD

    I read all three books after I saw the Hunger Games movie. So imagined the movie character who where in the Hunger Games as the characters in the book, but in the second and third I subconsciously picture other actors in the roles, I couldn't figure out who I was using as Finnick, but then it came to me as Armie Hammer character from the Social Network movie. I think he'd do a good job with this character, arrogant and then kind of vulnerable, the question is I think the role could be beneath him. Also physically he's the right age and he's 6' 5'' in he I mean book two the character is key, but book three a little less key. I think he has some other movies where he's the lead. I like the casting of Joanna and Plutarch. With Joanna they needed someone who seems very PO'd at having to help Katniss, and also with a heavy touch of psycho, but then in book three you'll feel kind of sorry for her. I think you've seen that in Sucker Punch, Hatfields, etc,characters Malone played.

  • Cathy L.
    Cathy L.

    Grant Gustin! He'd be absolutely perfect! in his performances, you can see that he has the perfect blend of charisma, sarcasm, and vulnerability. I could see him charming (and manipulating) the sponsors. When I read the books, he seemed the perfect match.

  • Erin C.
    Erin C.


  • Erin C.
    Erin C.

    Absolutely Not!!!

  • Erin C.
    Erin C.

    Face perfect... Height not so much... But they messed up with Peeta's height as well!! Hollywood can do a good job making someone look taller then they are, like they did with Tom Cruise!

  • Erin C.
    Erin C.

    Possible... With blonder hair and no beard!!

  • Erin C.
    Erin C.


  • Ernsssss

    he looks good but my number one pet peeve is that he is frickin' FIVE FEET SEVEN INCHES TALL -.- if you REALLY want a perfect finnick he has to be at least 6'0

  • Nadya Purnamasari
  • Karen Burkey
    Karen Burkey

    Armie Hammer would be the perfect Finnick.

  • M

    ARMIE! He wasn't my first pick, but he has grown on me significantly. Love his voice and sense of humor.

  • Alice

    Grant, Garrett and Finnick will be great Finnick.

  • Alex Riley
    Alex Riley

    Grant IS Finnick Odair!!

  • Stephannie Cravatta
    Stephannie Cravatta


  • Samantha Pollum
    Samantha Pollum


  • otp

    hunter parrish, he's an excellent actor.

  • Annie

    He looks the part... but can he act is the question

  • Cate

    Armie Hammer. Without a doubt. Seriously the guy ties knots for a hobby. He grew up on the Caymen Islands, has the looks, the talent and the charisma...

  • Noor Kanan
    Noor Kanan

    zac efron<3 should play!!

  • Katie

    Joey Graceffa.