Michael Phelps On Marijuana Scandal, 25-Pound Weight Gain: I Wasn’t Motivated

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Buff Hollywood bods on full display.
Michael Phelps’ candid interview with Details magazine has him owning up to his shocking weight gain and marijuana scandal.

The gold medalist, 27, discusses his intense workout schedule, even explaining the difficulties of going six years without taking a day off.

“During those six years it was a sacrifice that I made to try to become my best,” he told the magazine. “So yeah, in bed at 10 or earlier every night. Waking up at 6:30 every day.”

Luckily, the grueling training paid off for the hardworking swimmer, which earned him 14 gold and two bronze medals.

However, Phelps recalls a time when he took off for Las Vegas instead of showing up at swim practice. The American athlete explains his sudden change of heart.

“At that point, I just didn’t have anything. It was weird going from the highest of the high, the biggest point of your life—winning eight gold medals—and then saying, ‘All right, where do I go from here?’ I wasn’t motivated,” explained Phelps. “I did nothing, literally nothing, for a long time. I gained 25 pounds.”

After being scrutinized for gaining weight and being pictured smoking marijuana, the Olympic Winner had a tough time finding his drive. With time, the 195lb swimmer realized he had yet to meet his full potential.

Getting into Olympic swimming shape, Phelps has now added boxing to his long list of exercises with hopes to keep his workouts fresh and new. “So boxing is something new that can stabilize my core and hold everything together. We’re also doing sled pulls and pushes to make it fun. It keeps me from sneaking out the back door.”

Phelps will be taking part in the London Olympics, staring on July 27th.