Savannah Guthrie Makes Official Debut as 'TODAY' Show Co-Host (VIDEO)

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Matt Lauer announced Monday morning that it was indeed a "new day" on the TODAY show, as Savannah Guthrie filled Ann Curry's seat as the new co-anchor of the morning talk show.

"After several years of playing a great role on this program, she takes a step forward this morning and joins us as co-anchor of TODAY," Lauer announced.

When asked how it felt to be sitting in her new anchor chair, Guthrie, 40, answered, "Great. Good morning. It's an honor to be here."

Guthrie has been serving as the co-anchor of the third hour of TODAY (alongside Natalie Morales and Al Roker) and as the show's chief legal correspondent, but Lauer said that he was most excited to bring her "great attitude" and "weird sense of humor" to the program.

"It's 7:02 and he's already calling me weird," Guthrie bit back.

Lauer added, "Welcome to TODAY and we are thrilled to have you."

Guthrie's promotion was announced on June 29th, just one day after Curry revealed she was leaving the program.

“In just a few short years, Savannah has become a standout member of the news division as well as the ultimate team player,” NBC News President Steve Capus said. ”She’s anchored for Brian on NBC Nightly News, moderated for David on Meet the Press, co-hosted the 9 AM hour of TODAY, reported for Rock Centerand Dateline, and provided legal insights in our Supreme Court Special Reports – and that was all within the last week!”

“She’s got an undeniable range,” he continues. “And she’s earned the trust of the news community, her colleagues and our viewers alike. I couldn’t be happier for Savannah and the entire TODAY team.”

What do you think of Guthrie as the new co-host? Sound off in the comments section, below.



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  • boyzmom

    I thoroughly agree Jo! I could barely stand watching Ann. Savannah is sooo much better. The few people who keep posting on articles about Ann are in the minority. The 5 million regular viewers of Today were so tired of Ann's stumbles and discomfort. I always switched to GMA too when Matt was gone. Sorry to say...but Ann was awful as co-host. Savannah is a breath of fresh air compared to Ann.

  • Jack

    Matt the Ratt (back stabbed poor Ann) was eyeing Swayback Savannah like she was a saucer of cheddar!

  • Kim

    I will not be watching anymore, Ann was not the reason for your ratings being down!!!!

  • jo

    Whatever, haters. The Today show is soooo much better now! Go Savannah! No more awkward interviews, stumbling on every other word, and bad chemistry w/ Matt. Ann's great as a field reporter, covering world issues but as an anchor, you can tell she struggled every day. I've tried to give their team a chance, tuning in every single day, hoping Ann would just get through an interview without an OBVIOUS blunder but after almost a year, I found myself tuning into GMA when Matt was on vacation. That was the same week that today fell to second place. Maybe a lot more people felt the same way. Everyone's anger is displaced on Matt and Savannah. There's nothing to be angry about. Ann still has a job and they created a great position that is perfect for her. Plus there were reports that she even got a couple of million dollars to be let out of her contract. WOW. I wish I could get fired and get paid for it! Anyway, just wanted to send my congratulations to Savannah and the Today team! Good luck! First show looks better already!

  • M. Strada
    M. Strada

    NBC execs are hatchet men. Ann was a loyal and dedicated host. The way they treated her is a disgrace. Maybe they should get rid of Matt he's a bore. I won't be watching NBC news anymore. I'll watch Lara Spencer on ABC.

  • Pat

    Bad hairdo, shoulders slump, annoying laugh, and what's wrong with her legs? Bad choice. Hodo was the best choice. Turned over to GMA.

  • Sue

    I had a terrible surprise today. I see that one of my favorite Today hosts was gone. Ann brought dignity to news reporting! We live in a world where television and reporting continues to loose class and becomes trash. I could always count on Ann for reporting today's events with dignity and respect. A value that we need to teach our children and NBC needs to learn to value.

  • J. Wilson
    J. Wilson

    Sure Savannah nice girl, but show now sooooo boring. Also praying she wears undies, Can almost tell for sure.

  • Sarah M
    Sarah M

    Its just a popularity contest, you people should be ashamed of yourselves. Ann Curry is better off.

  • Mitzie James Moser
    Mitzie James Moser

    Is it me, or is there a lot of flirting going on between her and Matt Lauer? Way to land the job, Bravo!!!

  • John Conners
    John Conners

    Two reasons Today show ratings have dropped like a rock. Both were still there this morning...Matt Lauer and horrible programming. Capus is not smart enough to realize that it was not about Ann Curry. It was Matt Lauer and bad programming. I see allot of "former" NBC News people over at ABC. Seems if your serious about news you go to ABC. I switched to GMA two weeks ago and it's great. I hope you enjoy being number 2 or 3 Matt and Savannah. You deserve what you get !