Savannah Guthrie Makes Official Debut as ‘TODAY’ Show Co-Host (VIDEO)

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Matt Lauer announced Monday morning that it was indeed a “new day” on the TODAY show, as Savannah Guthrie filled Ann Curry‘s seat as the new co-anchor of the morning talk show.

“After several years of playing a great role on this program, she takes a step forward this morning and joins us as co-anchor of TODAY,” Lauer announced.

When asked how it felt to be sitting in her new anchor chair, Guthrie, 40, answered, “Great. Good morning. It’s an honor to be here.”

Guthrie has been serving as the co-anchor of the third hour of TODAY (alongside Natalie Morales and Al Roker) and as the show’s chief legal correspondent, but Lauer said that he was most excited to bring her “great attitude” and “weird sense of humor” to the program.

“It’s 7:02 and he’s already calling me weird,” Guthrie bit back.

Lauer added, “Welcome to TODAY and we are thrilled to have you.”

Guthrie’s promotion was announced on June 29th, just one day after Curry revealed she was leaving the program.

“In just a few short years, Savannah has become a standout member of the news division as well as the ultimate team player,” NBC News President Steve Capus said. ”She’s anchored for Brian on NBC Nightly News, moderated for David on Meet the Press, co-hosted the 9 AM hour of TODAY, reported for Rock Centerand Dateline, and provided legal insights in our Supreme Court Special Reports – and that was all within the last week!”

“She’s got an undeniable range,” he continues. “And she’s earned the trust of the news community, her colleagues and our viewers alike. I couldn’t be happier for Savannah and the entire TODAY team.”

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