Scott Disick's Cute Daddy Moments (PHOTOS)

Like Father, Like Son!
Scott Disick and Mason: Cutest Daddy and Me Moments

With the arrival of their second child, Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian must certainly be over the moon with joy. New addition Penelope may be second in line to older brother Mason, but she is the famous couple's first little girl.

Given daddy Disick's affection for his little man, it stands to reason that his new baby girl will be showered with love.

Take a look back at some of his best daddy moments with Mason and Scott in the gallery.

In fact, the the 29-year-old restauranteur has made such an impression on his son that he's even passed on his impeccable fashion sense.

He may be only 2-years-old, but tiny tyke has a wardrobe that rivals even the best dressed celebs. See some of Mason’s styles below.

Mom Kourtney is quite the fashionista herself, of course.

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  • Sateesh

    This is a neat smaurmy. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jane

    Scott Disick is truly a handsome man. He is stylish and presents as a great Dad and partner for Kourtney.

  • jonnie

    what a beautiful family...two adorable, its time for wedding bells

  • swan44

    Congrats on the new baby. Glad she is healthy. I only hope she has her own personality and not one like her Mom or Dad. Scott thinks he is the end all to beat all. He's just a great big puke. Kourtney is no personality delux, what a snore. Snotty Scotty and Kourtney the enabler I predict will not have that eatery for even a year. Time will tell. Hope he does not drink up all his booze there.

  • YUP

    has anybody else noticed masons face in the pictures? he's SO not impressed by the paparazzi. its hilarious.

  • YEP

    Scott Dipshit is the long lost son of Steve Carell... What an ugly bastard

  • Tiffany LovingTrent Young
    Tiffany LovingTrent Young

    them kardashian genes showll kickin n on this pic

  • Makeie Mookie
    Makeie Mookie

    congratulation on scott disick and his wife on the baby girl, guess she is beautifull.