Tim Tebow's Request to Beverly Hills Hair Salon: No Swearing Please

No Cursing, Please!
Tim Tebow at the 2012 Met Gala
Tim Tebow apparently practices what he preaches -- even while getting a haircut.

The New York Jets quarterback -- famous for his wholesome Christian image -- arrived in Los Angeles in preparation for the ESPY Awards this week. Tebow was spotted getting groomed at the famed Chris McMillan salon in Beverly Hills over the weekend.

You'll never guess what the 24-year-old hunk requested during his visit:

Actually, maybe you will.

A client at the salon during Tebow's visit told Celebuzz: "He asked for a woman to cut his hair who doesn't curse."

No word on which hair products the player prefers for his coif.  But props to Tebow for living up  to the wholesome image he projects, it's a rare commodity.

Celebuzz reached out for official comment from Tebow's rep and is awaiting response.

The ESPY Awards will take place in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday July 11. Tebow is nominated for "Best Moment" for his sudden death touchdown throw to Thomas.

Celebuzz will be on the carpet for all the ESPY Award action.

For more on Tebow's move to the Jets, watch this video:

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  • Jack

    yeah Matt, your a smart guy, finally, why the heck does everyone swear anyway, it's stupid, Tebow deserves more respect then he gets, and you have made an intelligent statement unlike many of the people on this board

  • Trey

    What self respecting man would want to hear women degrade themselves by curseing through an entire haircut which he paid good money for? Also, call a guy egotistic when he chose to be a back up insted of a starter? Really Vinny? Come on man. Think befor you speak.

  • Vinny

    The guy is obviously a pillow biter. What self-respecting man makes that request? Using curse words has nothing to do with G-d. And I doubt it was made up....this egotistical dóùchebag would totally ask someone that. Tebow is a flamer!!

  • P LM
    P LM

    THE PRICE OF A HAIR CUT !! He has every right to not hear that all that crap... I would ask that same of any stylist that fills my ears with ex husband or boy friend issues. This should be relaxing time. P.S. Most hair dress would never have bad manners in Atlanta, GA. most people would get up a leave!! forget a tip.

  • josela

    Dood, you are an idiot. the story was made up to draw attention to their website.

  • josela

    dude, it is ridiculous because the story was made up. shame on this website for writing a bogus story to draw attention based on a lie.

  • josela

    people, THIS STORY IS A LIE, the writer just wanted you to click on their website. If i have to explain the reasons this source is not credible then you really are a sucker.

  • Matt

    It's not ridiculous at all. He's going to go and pay some premium price for a haircut at a supposedly high end salon and put on earplugs because some stylists lack class and act unprofessionally by cursing around customers? Don't be stupid. Tebow's a good guy, and he doesn't have to put up with ANYTHING he doesn't want to when HE'S the one paying his hard-earned money for a service. When they start cutting his hair for free, then they can dictate terms. People like the posters here will happily support celebrities who make all sorts of ridiculous "demands," even the ones that are plainly offensive, outrageous, selfish, or wasteful. But you give Tim Tebow a hard time for not wanting to listen to vulgarity. Uh-huh. Once a hater, always a hater. Thank goodness he doesn't care what people like you think of him.

  • Dood

    So, he's automatically assuming that the hairstylist cusses? Seriously, even Jesus hung around sinners. If he's trying to surround himself with only perfect people here on earth then he's got an impossible mission. Better huddle up and change your plays, bro.

  • Well

    That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. If you don't want to hear swearing, wear ear plugs.

  • katie

    Oh give me a break.