Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Divorce Settlement: Actor Most Likely to Pay ‘100 Percent’ of Suri’s Lavish Expenses, Says Lawyer

Scientology and Tom
How involved is the religion in Tom Cruise's life?
Though monetary details regarding Tom Cruise’s divorce settlement with Katie Holmes have yet to emerge, it’s expected that the actor will be giving up some of his multi-million dollar fortune to the couple’s child, Suri Cruise.

Cruise, who agreed to supervised visitations of the 6-year-old, will undoubtedly pay for most of Suri’s expenses though she’ll be residing with Holmes, says New York-based matrimonial lawyer Paul Talbert of Chemtob Moss Forman & Talbert LLP.

“Her schooling, her childcare, her travel expenses — all of those things, I wouldn’t be surprised for Tom to be paying 100 percent of that since his net worth and his income is so much greater than Katie’s,” Talbert told Celebuzz.

As for Holmes’ “ironclad” Scientology clause, Talbert says it’s common for a parent to determine how a child will be raised religiously in the split settlement — especially in the case of Cruise’s deep involvement with the Chuch of Scientology.

“To some divorcing couples, the religion of the child is a very important factor,” he said. “If one of the parents has a significant objection to the other parents religion, it wouldn’t be unusual for the custody agreement to make provisions for how there are going to deal with that going forward.”

“It’s not unusual in cases where there is a dispute regarding religion to have the custody agreements specifically state what religion the child will be raised, what religious practices will be followed, or what will not be permitted.”

As Celebuzz previously reported, the former couple’s agreement states that Suri is not to be permitted to be exposed to anything Scientology-related, including attending any Scientology churches or gatherings.

Cruise, 50, and Holmes, 33, both agreed that the Rock of Ages actor will be granted “generous” visitation rights, with Holmes’ personal nanny and bodyguard present during the meetings.

“Whenever you have any supervised visitations, that means there’s concerns expressed by one parent about the other, if the child were to go with the other parent without supervision,” Talbert explained.

“It may just be an ‘I want the nanny that’s with me to be the nanny Suri’s with when she’s with you’ too,” he added. “It may be to supervise Tom, but it’s an “I trust my bodyguards to be with Suri’ thing.”

However, one thing is certain: the couple’s 10-days settlement is for sure very uncommon.

“With these two, you are certainly not giving them a boiler-plate agreement, so for a detailed settlement agreement in a case this nature is highly unusual. It speaks to the motivation of these two to get it done immediately,” Talbert told us. “It’s a testament to both of them that they did keep this relatively out of the press.”

“It’s highly unusual for a complicated divorce to resolve itself in a matter of ten days.”

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