'50 Shades of Grey' Casting: Author E L James Tweets 'We Are So Far Away' From Choosing Leads

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EL James Says They're Not Close to Casting for '50 Shades of Grey'
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50 Shades of Grey fans were elated at the news of The Social Network producers Dana Brunetti and Michael DeLuca being on board for the film adaptation, but the book's author E L James is raining on that parade just a little bit.

Though the production news broke Monday, the British author tweeted previously on July 6: "We are so far away from casting the Fifty films ... no-one ruled is out... no one is ruled in. Just so you know."

The tweet's timing was interesting, because there were reports saying that she didn't want Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to play the film's leads.

Many thought choosing producers meant they were one step closer to find the prefect Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

Celebuzz has done some dream casting -- including who should play featured characters such as Ana's BFF Kate Kavanaugh and her platonic pal Jose Rodriguez -- and most recently who would be a good fit to direct the sure-to-be erotic film.

Does James' latest comment bum you out? Or are you happy with the progress that's been made? Sound off in the comments.

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  • marie

    I like kevin Zegers for Christian. he is the right age and very handsome. I agree he has the whole package. I vote him.

  • Kaylee

    Matt Bomer has got to play the part of Christian Grey! From page one, I imagined him as Christian. He's sophisticated, sexy, confident, and smoldering. He completely embodies the essence of the character. Not to mention, we've seen him play this type of part. A suave, mysterious, seemingly upper-class type of character who looks amazing in a suit. If I were casting the parts based on my personal favorite actors, then I would cast Ryan Gosling or someone like that. I don't think the characters should be cast based on whether they are one's favorite, but whether or not they can do the role and character itself justice. I think Matt Bomer can do just that!

  • Cassandra-Jo Casgtineie
    Cassandra-Jo Casgtineie

    i could even see that jensen ackles kid as christian too

  • Cassandra-Jo Casgtineie
    Cassandra-Jo Casgtineie

    angelina direct - april washko ana - channing or ryan mr grey

  • Lina

    I am on a campaign to get KEVIN ZEGERS cast as Christian. Check out Kevin's movie The Entitled. He is the whole package, damn fine from head to toe and in his aviators and dimples to boot. I am backing Emma Stone as Anastasia but I am also liking the suggestions for Aiexis Bledel. The rest of the characters I am leaving for the producers to work their magic but I think Kevin is totally hot and can pull it off. Also check Kevin's look on Getty Images, April 4, 2011 - omg, he's the man!

  • IMO

    Everywhere on the net all these people want Ian Somerhalder or Alexander Skarsgard or Matt Bomer. I can't see them as Christian Grey -- I wouldn't watch it if any of them play him. It's easy to make someone look the part, but harder to have him play it..

  • MN

    How about Bradley James as Chrisitan? He is the right age, has the looks and physique.

  • Ellen

    Chris hemsworth and mila kunis no doubt I don't even need to explain myself

  • Melissa

    I agree wih Gene. Chris Hemsworth is perfect for playing Christian. And as for Ana, I think Amanda Seyfried is perfect; big blue eyes and full lips, she just needs to dye her hair brown. Elliot should be played by Channing Tatum and Kate by Blake Lively.

  • Melanie

    katie Holmes is too old

  • Melanie

    Christian...Boyish , but confident and strong. Tall, deliciious body, young looks for a CEO...Jared Padelecki !!!! from Supernatural. Couldn't you just see him in torn jeans and barefoot! Anastasia... College girl, young, beautiful but not confident with it, smart~ mouthed but innocent...Shelley Hennig from Secret Circle , Alexis Bledel , or Emma Rossum. Kate could be Emma Stone and bitch troll could be Sharon Stione.

  • Emilia

    Couldn't agree more "Henry Cavill" ;D

  • Gene

    CHRIS HEMSWORTH (Thor) or JOSEPH MORGAN(Vampire Diaries' Klaus) - either one of these two works for me. They would make a beautiful Christian Grey.

  • Rebecca Faye Watson
    Rebecca Faye Watson

    She would be a fantastic Ana. Chris is beautiful too. I just finished the books, so sad it's over..

  • GlendaH

    Chris Hemsworth (Thor) would be perfect for the part of Christian, I can see Emily Clark (Game of Thrones)making a perfect Ana

  • martha

    definitely HENRY CAVILL should be considered!! He would be an amazing Christian Grey

  • GiGi

    CAM GIGANDET would be great as the mercurial Christian Grey!! (Burlesque, The Roomate and more) His has the perfect eyes, hair, abs, arms - hell, the whole body - age, sex appeal and charm to be a great fit. "Fair point well made!" For Ana: thinking Mila Kunis, or maybe Katie Holmes or Ashley Greene. For Kate: what about Rachel McAdams or Scarlet Johansen? And Elliot: Josh Duhamel!

  • DebbieW

    Philip Winchester from the tv series Strike Back would be awesome

  • Ashley Molnar Wood
    Ashley Molnar Wood

    Joe Manganiello would be my choice.

  • Katie

    I totally agree, I saw pics of him as well and can see him as a Christian. He has that dark and insanley attractive look :D plus hes done great work

  • Simona

    What is it with this Ian Somerhalder infatuation? Besides the fact that he has bright eyes, he’s really not that good of an actor and looks way too plastic in a I’m-a-Hollywood star-full-of-myself type of way. Christian Grey has to look overconfident and boyishly shy at the same time. I don’t think women all over the world would appreciate the standard all-American look, both actors should be a little more exotic in a way. Take a sneak peak at German actor KEN DUKEN for example in the movie Zweiohrküken – he has a manly-boyish look and a jaw-dropping sex appeal to him that he doesn’t even realize. That’s the kind of man expected for the role. And as for the leading lady – I believe a new, fresh face wouldn’t be so bad. Plus, have in mind that the movie should appeal to women of all ages and shouldn’t have a cast that is appealing to love-struck teenagers.

  • Elle

    Henry Cavill! Why can't anyone see the obvious choice? Did people read the book? Maybe they don't know his work. Sigh

  • Tess

    definitely definitely definitely! so glad someone saw the book the way i did! :)

  • rosad

    Zac Efron, Kristen Stewart for Christian an Ana, or Ian or Matt Bomer. NO ONE ELSE. I keep envisioning Scott Caan as Elliot and Emma Stone as Kate.

  • acr10

    i agree with kh123 candice accola for kate! but my anastasia is michelle trachtenberg! and chris hemsworth is christian

  • sunny23

    Alex Pettyfer would be my Christian pick hands down!!

  • kh123


  • Landry Breaux
    Landry Breaux

    The ideal Christian Grey would be Chase Crawford. This beautiful man is the right age and body build and can act, He is perfect for the part! Can anyone else see Shailene Woodley as Ana?

  • Yvette Christie
    Yvette Christie

    Matt Bomer gets my vote for Christian Grey :)