Brad Pitt's Mom and 10 Other Controversial Celebrity Relatives (PHOTOS)

Jane Pitt's Anti-Gay Letter
Brad Pitt and mom Jane
Brad Pitt's mom pens conservative op-ed letter. Read More »

Every family has drama.

But for celebrities under the bright lights of Hollywood, it gets endlessly played out on television, on the Internet -- and in newspapers and magazines.

So what star relatives are hitting headlines for stirring up controversy?

Just last week, Brad Pitt’s mother, Jane, came under fire when she penned an anti-gay, anti-Obama op-ed letter to Missouri's Springfield News-Leader.

While the Oscar-winning actor — who has long voiced his unwavering support for LGBT rights — has yet to comment on his mother's outspoken opinion.

But a lesser-known pitt, Brad’s younger brother Doug — who is having his five minutes of fame with his reveal viral Virgin America ad — addressed the talked-about issue on TODAY: "Moms and dads and kids agree to disagree all over the world, so why would our family be any different.”

Now Celebuzz has rounded up some of the most controversial celebrity relatives of all time. Flick through our gallery to find out which stars’ kin has caused conflict over the years.

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  • anon

    Call it greed (sigh) to not even help his parent.

  • klt

    Brad is vocal about his views, so why can't his own mother. It's called Freedom of Speech. Brad and Angie have voiced their own political views for years. Everyone has a right to their own opinion.

  • brikate13

    No he's not.

  • lalaland

    who wouldn't be he's hot!!!

  • Deena

    I agree with her dad.

  • Deena

    So sad...I mean mom is the most precious and important thing in life. It makes me sad thinking that Leighton, who is a very nice person, could have such a horrible experience with her mom. Hope they reconcile soon :)

  • Deena

    So he says his precious only daughter should date her ex abusive boyfriend. Seems legit.