Chris Brown, Drake Brawl Fallout: Nightclub Reopening With New Policies

Brown Brawl Aftermath
Will the club be shut down?
Chris Vs. Drake
The singer's get into a scuffle
After shutting down following the bloody, bottle-tossing clash between Chris Brown and Drake, Greenhouse is opening its doors again — with a new plastic cup policy.

The NYC space shuttered last month when its liquor license was suspended shortly after the June 14 scuffle, which took place in the club’s trendy basement lounge, W.i.P. Brown, his girlfriend, his bodyguard, San Antonio Spurs player Tony Parker and other bystanders were all hurt; Parker eventually filed a $20 million lawsuit blaming the club for his injuries.

A judge ruled Monday that the hotspot should get its license back while State Liquor Authority hearings play out.

But Greenhouse is taking steps to increase the safety of its club-hopping celebrity clientele.

“We will be focused on providing a safe and fun atmosphere for our customers,” the club said in a statement.

And that starts with Greenhouse’s new red cup rule. After shattered glass flew between the feuding hip-hop entourages — they reportedly came to blows over Rihanna, who’s been romantically linked to both Brown and Drake — the venue has done away with all glasses, replacing them with red Solo cups (much like the ones found on beer pong tables at frat parties).

There will be increased security in place, too. All patrons will have to submit to a bag-check at the door.

Do you think these new measures will prevent another all-out fight? Weigh in below.

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