Jessica Simpson Turns 32: Take a Look at Her Body Evolution (PHOTOS)

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 Jessica Simpson's Body Evolution
Jessica Reveals Cleavage
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Happy birthday Jessica Simpson!

The Fashion Star judge turns 32 today, so in honor of Simpson's birthday, take a look at her body evolution through the years.

From her daisy dukes, to high-waisted jeans Jessica has always turned heads in Hollywood:

The mother of one recently inked a deal with Weight Watchers following the birth of her daughter Maxwell two months ago, and the Dukes of Hazzard actress wants everyone to know she is losing weight the healthy way: We're sure Jessica is enjoying her special day with her family. Simpson spent the fourth of July with her fiance Eric Johnson and daughter. Learn more about their festive holiday down below:



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  • John

    Hefty Jessica Simpson has a bad case of man face.

  • afrika

    Horsey faced Jessica Simpson is smelly and loose.

  • Amy Moreno Calderon
    Amy Moreno Calderon

    She started getting thick here.

  • Kate

    She does look so cute here!

  • Kate

    This was right after her and Nick got divorced so she was probably eating less or something.

  • Syrup

    She probably got tired of starving herself!

  • LS

    I heard her boobs are natural, but they have sure gotten larger since this photo taken in 2000! WTH???!!!

  • anonymous

    Even when she was young, she had that ugly man face. Now that she is old and fat, she has an old, fat, ugly man face.

  • Catherine

    :O i din't know she was anorexic then