Kate Upton Flaunts Curves and Cleavage in New 'GQ' Outtakes (PHOTOS)

Just because Kate Upton's super sexy GQ shoot was banned on YouTube, doesn't mean we've seen the last of her scantily-clad photos.

The magazine recently released a new set of outtakes from the famous Terry Richardson shoot and -- like GQ's July issue -- the new pics show the 20-year-old in all her swimsuit glory (and more!).

However, the YouTube isn't the first place Upton was kicked out of.

During an on-location shoot, the buxom blonde had a wardrobe malfunction that got her booted from Santa Monica Pier.

"We were on that ride where the seat spins while the actual ride is spinning, and I’m wearing a one-piece. And all of a sudden the whole entire top falls off!" Upton explained. "I’m holding myself, laughing, turning bright red, but a lot of people are watching, so they kicked us out of the Santa Monica Pier — it was so embarrassing."

"You wouldn’t think that would happen with a one-piece!" she added.

As for her ever-growing appeal, Upton admits she gets why fans are so obsessed with her curves.

“I grew up in Florida riding horses, so for the majority of my life I was either in boots and jeans or a bathing suit. … I understand why my male followers like me," she said.

“It’s like any job,” Upton continued. “You find your strengths and play them up.”

Is she playing to her strengths in these new sexy outtakes?



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  • zip

    then your not normal my friend. her body is INSANE, she is one of the most beautiful women in the world! yes her boobs are amazing but there is more to her than her jugs.

  • Zipper

    Gotta say. Loving the boobs, but otherwise not doing much for me.

  • zip

    Kate Upton is PERFECT, not one flaw on her, not one.