Kim Kardashian: Thanks To All 10 Million of You!

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Kim Kardashian just hit 10 million followers on Facebook and took to her blog to write a thank you post to all her fans.

Wow!!! I can't believe I just passed 10 million 'Likes' on Facebook!!! This is so amazing!

Thanks to each and every one of my Facebook dolls! I love sharing all my updates with you guys!!

Check out all my profile pics over the years in the gallery. Xo

Click through the gallery to see Kim's previous profile pictures.



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  • Richie J
    Richie J

    Beautiful Kim

  • Charmaine

    Kim doesn't need all this makeup, she's beauuutiful without it :)

  • Jennifer Maria Villanueva
    Jennifer Maria Villanueva

    love black and white phootos!

  • Adrian Charles Steele
    Adrian Charles Steele

    She is breathtakingly beautiful...!! Lucky boy Kanye!

  • Brit

    I cant believe people like this skank she's fake, annoying and ugly

  • Brenda E
    Brenda E

    there is an 'unlike' button,what's stoppin you from hitting it??

  • joejonasgirl0676

    I just wanna put all the haters in a big ball and roll them down Mount Everest and see how they feel when they are at the bottom cause you haters belong at the bottom of the food chain.

  • Kimberley Olivia Bridgett
    Kimberley Olivia Bridgett

    ignore the haters you are awsome!! :)

  • Melissa Taylor
    Melissa Taylor

    noon can judge anyone to start off but Kim is a nice person and everything you see and hear isn't the whole story I like her family. Mt parents always said if you have nothing nice to say then keep quiet so if you don't know them in real life and have nothing nice to say don't post is rude. Congrads Kim I wish you and your family the best..

  • Mel0711

    I agree with Matt. If there was a "dislike" button on her Facebook page I'd be hitting it like there's no tomorrow. The only reason why I watch the show is for the ONLY decent Kardashian, Khloe Odom. If she wasn't on the show I wouldn't even watch it.

  • zii


  • Abbie Balmer
    Abbie Balmer

    she loooks beautiful,love the kardashians !!<3

  • Myranda P
    Myranda P

    If you dislike her so much why the hell are you even commenting? Haters keep her famous. Can not stand people like you. We need to spread Love, not hate. If ya don't have anything nice to say...Don't say nothing at all. :/

  • Brii

    Dear Kim , One day i wish i can meet you and your family probley will never happen , so many more people wana do the same ). I wish i had a family to talk to and be close with like yours but i dont : / . I always watch your shows , and u guys are just pretty amazing and fun it funny watching your family videos lol . But watching you live this good live u inspre me that maybe one day... maybe i could be living the same . O and u and kw are ckute . & w.e that Matt guy or kiid .. w.e said there all just hatters : ) , but i could write so much more so let me stop <3 u ! Stay strong . Kisses, Brii

  • Destiny Layman
    Destiny Layman

    Desperate much??? XD

  • @AboutKimK

    Not responsible? oh trust me your hate makes her famous :)! have a nice day Xo!

  • Jordan Demko
    Jordan Demko


  • MATT

    Dear Kim, If there was a dislike button on facebook, we would be at 500 million by now. Sincerely, The other 500 million not responsible for your fame.

  • Olivia Wall
    Olivia Wall

    love this photo!!