‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Showers, Fights and Unlikely Partnerships (PHOTOS)

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Genre shows sometimes get a bad rap for dragging out its mythology in favor of week to week “cases” when a series is still young enough not to have an end date in sight. But MTV’s Teen Wolf is stepping it up week to week, not afraid to unravel new pieces of its mystery week after week. “Restraint” certainly did that in abundance by not only revealing the truth behind Jackson’s (Colton Haynes) adoption, but also revealing the truth behind Lydia’s (Holland Roden) hallucinations.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched “Restraint.”

“Restraint” started off kind of weird; we’re not going to lie. The initial teaser was just two random people potentially getting ripped apart in the woods. By a wolf, by the kanima, or by government officials who didn’t want them living on land for free. It didn’t really matter (though, for the record, the answer was the kanima), and it was too reminiscent of countless crime procedurals, supernatural or not. We already knew what damage Jackson could do in his “other state,” and thankfully, soon the episode got into that in spades.

The always slightly off Jackson made friends with a snake, got naked (not complaining!), and went after huntress Allison (Crystal M. Reed). Of course the brooding Scott (Tyler Posey) stepped in to save his lady love once again, providing ample material for Jackson/Scott slash writers everywhere (we’re not necessarily condoning, but we’re not judging either). Unfortunately, while Scott was distracted by the damsel in distress, lurker photographer Matt (Stephen Lumsford) found the information on the kanima. We have to hope this means he’ll be a target, not a reluctant addition to Scott’s Scooby pack, though.

Scott and Jackson’s fight surely only exacerbated the restraining order passed against Scott and Stiles for their “joke” with the prison van. But legal ones were the least of their problems, as the ever-closer-growing Erica (Gage Golightly) and Stiles learned that both Jackson’s dad and mom actually died before Jackson was born. Clearly, he was a kanima from birth, not having been turned later by a bite or scratch of some kind. They still don’t know who is not only controlling, but also looking out, for him. Yet, now Stiles knows Erica used to have an “epic” crush on him. So, there’s that.

Here’s the interesting thing, though: “Restraint” detoured from its usual kids’ adventures to show Scott’s mom (Melissa Ponzio) running into a kanima in the hospital. It was a story that ran too parallel to the exposition Erica gave about Jackson’s own birth to be completely coincidental…

After Jackson attacked Erica, scrawled a serial killer style message on the blackboard (“Stay out of my way or I’ll kill all of you”) and flew out the window, Scott reluctantly realized it was time to team up with Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) for a better chance at catching Jackson.

Meanwhile, Lydia finally had a seemingly sweet romantic encounter that allowed for a glimmer of hope that she could have a moment of typical high school teenage times. But, of course, the guy on the other end of it turned out to be supernatural himself. Her admirer was a young version of Peter (Ian Bohen). And when he revealed himself to her, he called her his “Plan B.” We told you she was one to worry about —perhaps even more so than Jackson!

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Jackson inhaling a snake like a tapeworm… and then it climbing out of his body the same way.

Thank you, TV gods: Revealing Peter Hale to be Lydia’s boy toy went a long way towards explaining her overall abilities and purpose past having flawless hair and being a great screamer.

Awk-ward: Scott’s mom snoops in his room, finds a box of condoms, and then narcs on him to Allison’s mom. Equally awkward was Allison’s mom’s “threat.” Um, Scott is a werewolf, not a vampire, so sharpening that pencil to a nub shouldn’t do much to quicken his pulse. An Argent should know better!

Hotness: Completely taken over by evil or not, a dripping wet Jackson staring Allison down in the boys’ locker room reminded us why we have a penchant for bad boys.

Fab-u-lous: Erica’s sassy leather jacket cements her place among the strong female characters of today’s television.

Can. Not. Wait.: Just how connected are the “adults” in this town to the kanima? More than we’d expect — the science teacher, Gerard Argent, even Scott’s mom — seem to be “in the know” in ways we did not anticipate. And, um, just WHAT is that “one very important thing” Peter wants Lydia to do?

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 8

Who do you think is the master kanima? And do you think Derek is truly a trustworthy ally? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Danielle Turchiano