‘The Glee Project’ Top 9: How They Would Fit in at McKinley High (PHOTOS)

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Last season there ended up being about seventeen winners of The Glee Project. Ryan Murphy fell in love with so many of his special little snowflakes, he wanted to write them all into his hit show.

This year, though, he is insistent that there will be only one winner at the end of the season. It makes sense: There are already far too many characters on Glee to service individually without adding another handful.

All this means is that competition should be much more cutthroat. After all, no one goes on reality shows to make friends, right? So far, though, we could make a case for just about every kid taking the title — and the role.

And just how would we cast The Glee Project kids on Glee? Well, we’re so glad you asked!

Click through our slideshow above to find out what high school “types” Abraham, Ali, Aylin, Blake, Charlie, Lily, Michael, Nellie, and Shanna inspired.

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Who do you hope wins The Glee Project and how would you cast him or her on Glee? Be sure to build the buzz for your favorite in the comments below!

Danielle Turchiano