ESPY Awards Nominee Tim Tebow: 10 of the Jets Player’s Holiest Quotes (PHOTOS)

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ESPY Awards nominee (and self-proclaimed man of faith) Tim Tebow will face off Wednesday night against popular NY Yankees player Derek Jeter for the ESPYs Best Moment Award.

Legions of fans quickly fell in love with 24-year-old Tebow last football season, and even deemed him “God’s Quarterback” thanks to the athlete’s devout Christian beliefs.

As Celebuzz previously reported, the hunky NY Jets player definitely practices what he preaches, requesting a stylist who doesn’t swear when he stopped in for a cut this week at famed Chris McMillan Salon in Beverly Hills, CA.

That wouldn’t be the first time the QB put his faith front and center.

Among one of the most well-known facts about Tebow is his intention to remain a virgin until he’s married, and the player’s praise of God certainly remains consistent both in the press and on his personal Twitter account.

Tebow’s wholesome image and persona has permeated far beyond the football field and smack dab into the epicenter of present pop culture.  So in honor of Tebow’s ESPY Award nomination and undying dedication to his religion, Celebuzz has put together some of his holiest quotes,

View the gallery to read Tebow’s statements of faith.

Hollywood had found a fascination with the sports star, who has even gained praise from the likes of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe.

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