‘Dark Knight Rises’ Anne Hathaway Kicks Off Catwoman Media Blitz on ‘TODAY’, ‘Live With Kelly’ (VIDEO)

'Dark Knight Rises' Poster
The teaser poster is released.
Turns out, Anne Hathaway has a tough side.

“I love the fighting,” she gushed on Today of transforming into butt-kicking Catwoman for the highly-anticipated Dark Knight Rises. “I really did not expect to love the fighting as much as I did. I’m a fairly low-key person. But it turns out that I really like to kick.”

But that wasn’t Hathaway’s only highlight of starring in the superhero flick.

The actress admits being starstruck upon meeting Batman (a.k.a. Christian Bale) for the first time.

“That was cool…. A fantasy, indeed,” she said. “I had a total fan moment the first time he spoke in the Batman voice. I just like kind of giggled. It was a little unprofessional, but I couldn’t help it.”

When it came to channeling Catwoman, however, Hathaway was all pro.

“I did all the work I needed to do to get into the cat suit,” she explained.

But she didn’t check out her skin-tight suit in the mirror.

“I thought that I might stress myself out if I focused too much about how it was looking,” she said. “I just focused on how I felt in it.”

And, of course, she stuck to a strict diet.

“I did it; it was just very healthy,” she said on Live! with Kelly. “[I did] all the things you’re supposed to do.”

But it was hard to stifle her sweet-tooth cravings. On set, Hathaway would admire others’ tasty treats and ask, “‘Can I just smell your dessert?'” she said. “I’d go over and take a big whiff of chocolate cake.”

And while her prep work paid off in front of the camera, Hathaway praises director Christopher Nolan for perfecting the Catwoman role.

“It would have been really scary if Chris Nolan had not been the one directing,” she admitted. “If you can’t trust Chris Nolan…I don’t know who you can trust. It was a pleasure.”

Now Hathaway is hard at work on her next project, Les Miserables. Not only did the beauty drop a drastic amount of weight for the musical adaptation, but she chopped off her locks, too.

“I wasn’t expecting it to be such a big deal because it was my idea,” Hathaway said on Live! with Kelly. “It was something I wanted to do for a long time, and I knew it was something the character had done. So I just offered it to the director, and he said yes. And as it got closer, I thought, ‘I can’t really take it back now.’ ”