‘Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison Talks Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce: I Know Their Pain (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Chris Harrison has seen more than a few relationships implode on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette — and now the shows’ host is weighing in on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ speedy divorce.

At last night’s ESPY Awards, Harrison — who’s going through a breakup with his wife of 18 years — at first hesitated to comment on the TomKat split, joking to Celebuzz, “I’m the last person who should be commenting on that, don’t you think?”

But he then expressed sympathy for the former couple. He said:

“Having to read things that are true, untrue, insanely made up, or whatever … I feel for them in that way. I don’t think I’ll ever look at articles written [about divorce] in the same way again. I empathize for them, if anything.”

Harrison and his wife, who have two children together, announced their split in May.

Some have speculated that the 40-year-old might be eligible to be the Bachelor himself, but he shot down those ideas a mere week after announcing the split from his wife. He told PEOPLE:

“Getting out of a 22-year relationship, having just announced my divorce to the world a week ago, having two kids and trying to start a new life, I’m thinking I wouldn’t exactly be a great candidate to be ‘The Bachelor’ right now or anytime soon.”

Harrison did have some ideas on how to find future Bachelors, however — and offered insight as why the show uses past contestants. He told Celebuzz:

“We always look. There’s a heavy, heavy case to be made for using someone that’s already within the franchise. It’s a great built-in story. You’re already emotionally invested, and that’s one of the hardest things to do when launching a show… You’ve got the find the right person, it’s got to make sense.”

For even more Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad Season 3 secrets — Harrison even tells us what’s going on with all those Roberto Martinez rumors — watch the video above.