Celebrity Trainer Gunnar Peterson Weighs In On 5 Summer Diet Fads: What Works, What To Avoid (PHOTOS)

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With bikini season in full swing, celebrity fitness trainer Gunnar Peterson is sharing his stay-slim tips with Celebuzz — and revealing which fad diets work and which don’t.

First and foremost, “Eat breakfast,” Peterson, who works with Kim Kardashian, Minka Kelly and Sofia Vergara says. “Also, eat 30 to 45 minutes after your workout. Period. Don’t even question it.”

Peterson also lists the top five diet fads — and what he thinks of each.

Gluten-Free Diet: “I think the gluten free diet is terrific. Give it a try for a week, and watch your energy levels soar. Drawback is when you go on that diet, you start to see that gluten is everywhere! Be patient, make some good choices and find a rhythm and pattern to your food, and you’ll be fine in no time.”

Juicing: “A great jumpstart to a weight-loss or fitness program as long as you don’t go too crazy and try to maintain your life regime on minimal calories right out of the gate. Start slowly and build up. It’s a terrific approach and a great cleanse, as well.”

Super-High Protein: “A knock-off of the Atkins Diet, it’s a ketogenic diet in nature. While it helps in sparing muscle as a fuel source, it’s hard on the system. It also makes for some strange body odor.”

South of the Border Diet: “Beans and rice are the staple, as the combination of the two creates a complete protein. Meats are shredded for easier mastication and faster digestion (although that’s questionable because protein is slower to digest by nature) and always combined with lettuce, tomato, carrots and jicama. Water is consumed with every meal at room temperature. Personally, this diet is easy for me as long as I control the quantity. And obviously, no chips and margaritas.”

Food Delivery Diet: “My personal favorite because it controls portion sizes. I use ZEN Foods and the quality of the food, not to mention the flexibility of the service, makes it a no-brainer. I see it as the main reason I can control my weight to the pound!”

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